Bangkok trip II – Citin Pratunam Hotel review

My initial impression on this hotel in Bangkok trip I post. My inputs in italic.

Official site: Citin Pratunam Hotel


  • A modern Bangkok hotel with facilities to cater to the most discerning traveler. The deco looks modern but not ultra-future.
  • Electronic keycard access for guest rooms and elevators. I suppose it works like this – if you insert into the lift, it will automatically take you up to your floor, which we didn’t test because we were used to pressing our floor ourselves. Handy if you are drunk and have the room key.

  • Daily room cleaning and linen change. You can opt for Do not disturb or Clean room right at the button near keycard insertion and the sign will appear in red font right outside your room door.
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services. We didn’t ask for this, so no comment.
  • Complimentary Tuk-Tuk service (upon request). The driver didn’t drop us at our destination but nearby and we walked over to a mall, not sure if there were road block but we didn’t mind since we got a free ride around Pratunam. We only realized this free service on 3rd nite! Think of all the tuk-tuk and taxi fares we could’ve saved!
  • Vegetarian fusion restaurant. Nat kept saying, “Let’s eat capati!” “Eh, got capati!” “We eat capati.. it looked nice.” Citin also has Cafe with Indian, Sikh, Thai and a few of Western food – all vegetarian. We ignored her. We were in Thailand, not India or Sri Lanka. If we were staying a week, we’d probably ate there but we were only there for 4 days 3 nites! Nat just missed her boyfriend. A LOT. It wouldn’t surprise me if she were looking for Sikh, any Sikh there. Just – ops, that came out wrong like she was hunting for Sikh guys for fling. No, no, you know when you love something/someone and whenever you are away, you would look for the same thing to feel the connection? Not necessarily to even talk with the other Sikhs in Bangkok, just to know that there are other Sikhs here. The previous time Nat and NeverZzz were in BKK, NeverZzz was so ecstastic to see another guy in turban haha.
  • Public area with WiFi Internet connection. There were only 3 pcs, so you’ll have to take your turns but they were equipped with web cam & headsets. Connection was surprisingly fast but I was only using WL and a few windows of IE. Connection on our last nite was working on 1 pc only unfortunately. I should’ve uploaded the pics that I had taken online as backup, damn!
  • In-room WiFi and LAN Internet connection. None of us brought any notebooks or PDA, Nat’s handphone had no more battery and she had forgotten to bring charger! I would never surf using my handphone.. more about this later.
  • CCTV security cameras to ensure safety. There’s also a security guard at both hotel’s entrance 24×7.
  • Accepts payment by all major credit cards
  • Airport transfer by limousine. This is chargeable, pay the taxi driver, tol paid by you.
  • Tourist information. There’s a counter at the hotel entrance which opens until 8pm daily by a friendly and I suppose honest Sikh. You can ask him about how to go to the place you want to go, how much is the fare, taxi/tuk-tuk/bus or train, etc. He worships the Sikh whose picture was hanged on the wall at the reception.
  • 24-hour reception

There’s no swimming pool. We had brought along bikinis that weren’t used at all.

You’ll get 2 bottles of mineral water if you’re in twins room. As we are paying for 3 person’s stay, we get 3 mineral water each day and 3 big towels.

Chai complained, “Luckily I brought along my hair dryer! I don’t see any hair dryer here!”

“We can ask the receptionist,” I said.

“Never mind lah, use mine. I am not used to use other hair dryer.”

Then, because they thought there was no fridge, they just threw away left-over food! “It’s weird. There’s safety box but no fridge & hair dryer.”

On the last day there, I had extra time as we waited for Nat to finish packing her zillion purchases. I opened all the cupboards and voila, mini fridge and small hair dryer! Haha.

The lounge has a flat screen tv showing news, several local newspapers (some in Thai, English) and a few magazines. There’s no free newspaper to each room.

The hotel is quite small, like a budget hotel but it’s quite clean as it’s new. It just doesn’t look great outside.

Inside our room, there’s enough space for 1 person to walk between beds. That 1 person’s of Malaysian size’s middle width :) The bathroom has sliding glass door to shower. 1 sink with 2 cups, 1 shampoo, 1 shower gel, shower caps, tissue and toilet paper. There’s aircond in the bathroom too.

No need to look outside, we just put the curtains to cover the wiring and post. Along the road, there’s ample food stalls and small shops. We bought lots of instant noodles from Family Mart, sth like 7 Eleven :) for our breakfast and supper. Nice… spicy hot!

We dared not put our belongs inside the safety box. There are mix views – keep passport and important belongs in safety box or take it along?

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