Bangkok Tip V – last day

So it was our last day already and we were feeling a bit sad that we had to leave BKK already…

Chai had packed yesterday, I 1/2 packed and Nat started to pack slowly in the morning. Since she had the most purchase, it also took her double the time we took.

We must pack and put our luggages at the reception as the check out was 2pm. Our flight was at night.

We kinda got lost on our way to the Grand Palace after leaving Erawan & Amarin Plaza Bangkok, both luxury shopping malls. It started a hot day but got windy here. Erawan & Amarin looked like Starhill. In fact, both have waterworks at the Ground Floor. The places were practically deserted. Nat said, “I want to use the toilet.”

I smiled at her, “Big business again?”

She has the tendency to enjoy big business in hotel toilets.

“No lah, small only.” The toilet was clean and ultinary. ???

Nat, who had been to the Grand Palace, told, “Leave about 300 – 400 for the entrance.” We thought it was so grand. She had forgotten which boat station to take.

Actually, there were expensive and cheap boat ride all the way. The expensive boat ride will include tour around the area and it’s boat looked better. The cheap ride was really cheap! We couldn’t believe it.

Down the River (gallery)

As we rode to our destination, it started to rain and we unhooked the plastic cover as “window”. We stopped at a station before Grand Palace and had to walk about 15 – 20 min. I wondered why nobody else got down there, not even the tourists. A man behind me smiled at me and I thought I should ask him.

Unfortunately, it was raining heavily and we decided to eat breakfast there. I’d thought 3 of us would share 2 bowls of mee but Nat ordered 3 bowls! The lady selling drinks prepared for Caucasions though they came later than us! Nat almost wanted to cancel her drink because it took more than 30min to get it. The mee was so so only.

Nat didn’t want to go there again so Chai and I bought the sheer plastic raincoat at 100 baht each, unsuccessful haggling. Fearing she would be bored to death there, she decided to follow us to the Grand Palace but wouldn’t go in. Actually if we stopped at the next station, it would be nearer and we didn’t have to walk so far. A lot of ppl wear the same plastic raincoat as us, so we didn’t feel like dufus ahah. I wouldn’t be caught dead in yellow raincoat!

Some of the temples there have guards wearing army style prints. Not sure if they were really from the army. We passed by Wat Po outside and countless Wats.

Official site: The Grand Palace you can view the Virtual Reality scenes (QuickView)

Google Images – Grand Palace

Entrance was 350 baht.

You get a brochure of the history and a map. The temple was closed for prayers, several people laying out a red carpet (in the drizzllng rain!) and there was a bit of wall painting upgrade going on.

There was huge field, wide open spaces, so many buildings.. “Would you stay here?” I asked Chai. She replied non-chalantly, “I don’t mind.” I wouldn’t want to stay in such a big place, I’d be lonely. I supposed if I were staying here (as a princess, not a slave), I wouldn’t have to do any housework haha and I could ride horses during the morning exercise and yoga outdoor. Chai mused, “Be slim here from all the walking different area.”

When we found Nat, she talked about her sight seeing experience standing at the side. “There was a girl who wore white t-shirt and black bra and it was raining, we could see a lot.” I saw a guy wearing those zip khakis which you can unzip and remove the bottom layer – it becomes a knee length pants. So this guy asked his son to hold his “bottom pieces” while he tried to lengthen his pants because you can’t show skin except your face, neck (eh, collarless ok?) and legs out of respect. Since we were wearing raincoat, it didn’t matter if we were wearing sleeveless. Earlier I had worried I couldn’t enter and asked either Chai or Nat for scarf to cover my hands but turned out it wasn’t needed. I didn’t want to wear the new brown top which had elbow length sleeve – it was made of those stretchable hot material.

Nat asked, “Would you come here again?”

“I would,” Chai said.

“I wouldn’t.” In fact, I felt 350 baht was expensive! I’d rather watch movies or eat :9

After this, we passed by Siam Paragon and I asked the security counter again if they had found anything. Na da. Oh well…

Chai wanted to go back to 1 of the malls we had been to, where the faux pearl bracelet was priced at 60 – 80 baht. Nat & I decided to visit other mall, Platinum Mall.

Official site: [English | Thai]

We were so glad we hit this mall. The dresses were so cheap! 800 baht only for a full length off-shoulder ruched dress and the jewelleries were so much cheaper than other malls we had been – they were shinier and looked classier too! Again, the wholesale format – if you buy 3, you’ll get about 30% discount.

The food court was buzzing with people, we had crepe and peanut French toast. I was so tempted to buy the dress but couldn’t try it and couldn’t find any event to wear it.

After this, we rushed back to our hotel and almost got lost. Shit.. we’d be late and Chai would be angry…

We were both thirsty for coconut drink but we didn’t have time already! We reached our hotel 5min late. Considered good :)

The hotel arranged a taxi for us – chargeable to the driver and we had to pay the tol. On our way to hotel upon arrival, we didn’t pass by the tol – that would take about 1/2hr. If we take the tol, it would be 20min without jam.

After we had checked in, we browsed the duty free shops and the airport had a lot! Prices were similar to each other but definately cheaper than LCCT. Almost tempted to buy a fragrance and Revlon’s eyeshadow (320baht as opposed to RM45 here) but forgot to buy Revlon!

Sigh, what a rollercoaster ride. Definately would like to go back for other places in BKK.

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