Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Brem Mall

Wanted to see if there were any more lace tops from Somerset Bay, Metrojaya in Brem Mall.. no more :( Hungry and headed off to both Kopitiam – 1 was Kepong Kopitiam which only had fans and it was quite a hot day (no, tq) while the other WKCCT had air-cond. Each table has menu,… Continue reading Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Brem Mall

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M Spa @ Genting Highlands

Won a RM100 Holiday Card from the previous Team Building and didn’t use it till the day of the card. Not for my lack of trying.. When I went to Genting Highlands with friends during the Chinese New Year this year, it was too cheap to use for buffet and there were too many people… Continue reading M Spa @ Genting Highlands


Strudels @ Metrojaya, Mid Valley

Discovered this while walking outside Metrojaya a few weeks back when I wanted to watch Avatar in 3d with Chai, who was having classes in Mid Valley. Unfortunately, the queue was till the popcorn area, passing by McDonald’s… By the time she finished her classes, Strudels’s strudels had all been snapped up in the morning!… Continue reading Strudels @ Metrojaya, Mid Valley

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Food & Tea @ Tropicana

Food & Tea serves the same type of food like Kim Gary, only with lesser variety – both has local, Hong Kong & Western food. It also has lots of bright, colourful drinks. Price is about the same range too. The seats are either in red leather/pvc or nice orange suede? We (2 ppl only… Continue reading Food & Tea @ Tropicana


Theobroma Chocolate late lunch

During our order, I asked the young waitress (probably secondary or college girl age) what is laoli in this Thai Nam-pric Baked Potatoes. She shrugged with smile, “Er.. I don’t know..” Sensing she didn’t know what to do next, I asked and pointed to the back where the other staffs were standing, “Can you ask?”… Continue reading Theobroma Chocolate late lunch