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KFC Zinger Tower Combo

Once in awhile, quite often lately, we had to eat in lunch AND work. Claim back office for lunch but there’s budget. This time we had KFC. As KFC doesn’t have delivery, we had a sacrifical lamb horse to go to the nearest KFC & tapao back to 8 of us. Alone. Kekek.. Due to insufficient staff, nobody could follow him to help carry. By the time he reached office, his hands were blue and purple from holding the plastic bags! :) Tq!

Box looks small..

It has a layer of Chicken Zinger & fish, sort of melted cheese & a few slices of vege leaves.

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Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Brem Mall

Wanted to see if there were any more lace tops from Somerset Bay, Metrojaya in Brem Mall.. no more :(

Hungry and headed off to both Kopitiam – 1 was Kepong Kopitiam which only had fans and it was quite a hot day (no, tq) while the other WKCCT had air-cond.

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Brem Mall (7)
Each table has menu, paper to write your order, pencil & basic utensils. Uninspiring..

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M Spa @ Genting Highlands

Won a RM100 Holiday Card from the previous Team Building and didn’t use it till the day of the card. Not for my lack of trying.. When I went to Genting Highlands with friends during the Chinese New Year this year, it was too cheap to use for buffet and there were too many people in restaurants. Then, I asked friends and family, none wanted to go go Genting :(

So on the last day of the expiry date 31 Aug 2009 (yeah, now only blogging about it), I went up to Genting alone. Yep, I was a bit feeling sorry for myself and almost begged my friends to go with me!

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