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Theobroma Chocolate late lunch

During our order, I asked the young waitress (probably secondary or college girl age) what is laoli in this Thai Nam-pric Baked Potatoes. She shrugged with smile, “Er.. I don’t know..” Sensing she didn’t know what to do next, I asked and pointed to the back where the other staffs were standing, “Can you ask?”

After awhile, she came back and pointed to the yellowish sauce, “This is laoli.” OK.. I ordered that, not know what it is exactly… was in experimental mood.

The magazines there were limited. Men’s fashion, architecture and 2007 female fashion magazines mixed with Time. All old and dog-eared.

Then my Miss Coco Lady (Belgian Dark Chocolate Frappe) came. In plastic cup. Somehow it just cheapened the experience. It used to come in glass. On top was vanilla ice cream with shaves of dark chocolate. It was bittersweet :) Took awhile for the ice cream to melt.

Theobroma Chocolate Miss Coco Frappe (Belgian Dark Chocolate)
Miss Coco Lady (Belgian Dark Chocolate Frappe)

After a few sips and 1/2 of 1st magazine, the waitress came back and told us that the lavoli sauce finished already. Can change with the Thai chili sauce? OK lerr.

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