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Strudels @ Metrojaya, Mid Valley

Discovered this while walking outside Metrojaya a few weeks back when I wanted to watch Avatar in 3d with Chai, who was having classes in Mid Valley. Unfortunately, the queue was till the popcorn area, passing by McDonald’s…

By the time she finished her classes, Strudels’s strudels had all been snapped up in the morning! :(

The 2nd time I was in Mid Valley, I went to Strudels around 12pm and there was only a disarray Blueberry Strudel on the display. I asked the staff if there were still Mango Strudel and he said, “Can make but have to wait.”

There were a few magazines on the rack and the deco is mostly in white, fuschia and magenta. I remember the old Strudels was mostly yellow and green? A lot of the outlets were closed and I thought Strudels had totally closed down. I loved the Peppermint Green Tea too..

Strudels @ Metrojaya, Mid Valley (8)
Mango Strudel – though it was a long time since I had eaten this, I was a bit disappointed. The top was soft, not crispy & few mango cubes only.. It was still as hard to cut up as last time but that made me appreciated eating it more. Still, it’s so so only as I had tasted better Mango Strudels from Studels in the old outlet in Mid Valley & Hartamas. However, since it’s only RM6, can’t complain much larr. It takes effort to layer it.

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Food & Tea @ Tropicana

Food & Tea serves the same type of food like Kim Gary, only with lesser variety – both has local, Hong Kong & Western food. It also has lots of bright, colourful drinks. Price is about the same range too.

The seats are either in red leather/pvc or nice orange suede? We (2 ppl only heh) wanted to sit at the bigger table against the wall but the staff didn’t allow us, saying, “Today’s weekend a lot of people. Sit here,” she pointed to the smaller table. It was quite packed with only a few tables empty so we sat at the smaller table.

Food & Tea (1)
Boiled Coke + Ginger (hot) You see the picture looks blur bcoz of the hot air coming up! It’s good for indigestion & flatulance hehehe. *ppttt* Actually it’s the ginger that’s working on the gas. Tastes good too :) While Kim Gary’s Boiled Coke with Ginger doesn’t come in rectangle slices of ginger, it tastes the same. Perhaps just not as sweet.

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