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M Spa @ Genting Highlands

Won a RM100 Holiday Card from the previous Team Building and didn’t use it till the day of the card. Not for my lack of trying.. When I went to Genting Highlands with friends during the Chinese New Year this year, it was too cheap to use for buffet and there were too many people in restaurants. Then, I asked friends and family, none wanted to go go Genting :(

So on the last day of the expiry date 31 Aug 2009 (yeah, now only blogging about it), I went up to Genting alone. Yep, I was a bit feeling sorry for myself and almost begged my friends to go with me!

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2010 needs different theme already

Was reviewing this blog under Theme Kubrick and saw some of the wider pictures were resized to fit the “frame”. As I didn’t want to change the pictures’ size or edit the HTML codes, I decided to change to this Theme Vigilance.

Sure, the wider pictures will go overboard to the navigation on the right side but not much. Can still read, right?

Can’t find the pretty Shannon Click from Victoria’s Secret black & white ad picture anymore.. as I’m using new notebook :) So will have to be content with current Flickr pics!

I use Hex codes from Wikipedia – Web_colors


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