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M Spa @ Genting Highlands

Won a RM100 Holiday Card from the previous Team Building and didn’t use it till the day of the card. Not for my lack of trying.. When I went to Genting Highlands with friends during the Chinese New Year this year, it was too cheap to use for buffet and there were too many people in restaurants. Then, I asked friends and family, none wanted to go go Genting :(

So on the last day of the expiry date 31 Aug 2009 (yeah, now only blogging about it), I went up to Genting alone. Yep, I was a bit feeling sorry for myself and almost begged my friends to go with me!

Knew there were buses from 1U to Genting but didn’t know where to hop on.

Genting – getting there by 1 Utama

There’s no more RM6.60 or did Genting publish that before tax?

When I asked the RapidKL Malay guy inside the RapidKL bus stop, he was so rude, “Bukan sini. Sana.” He pointed to his left.

I asked him, “Sana mana?”

“Bukan sini! Sana!”

Gosh. Didn’t have enough food during breakfast?

I walked into 1U’s new wing and roughly estimated that the bus station must be at the side – and it was :D

When I wanted to pay for my 1-way ticket, I asked if there were 2 ways. The staff grumbled yes and the price. I had to lean over and ask again. I passed RM50 note to her but she didn’t have change. She showed me the RM1 notes in the box and didn’t budge. I supposed I wanted to go to Genting than her wanted to sell the 2-way tickets.

I stepped aside for other customer and asked an aunty in blue-white checked shirt. “Do you have change?” I waved my RM50.

“You meh ask her lah! She’s doing business. Heheh.”

No help.

I kept the 1-way ticket reluctantly and resolved to buy ticket when I reach Genting.

Walked back inside to go to the toilet and passed by Petsmore. Thought of buying the dental sticks but had 5min left before departure so I decided to go into the bus instead. The ticket had seat number but looked like nobody followed that. So I just sat at the empty seat beside the window.

Then the aunties in front of me verbally abused each other. It was the blue-white aunty and another hair-clip aunty!

Hair Clip to an uncle sitting beside the Blue-White: Why are you sitting there?!

Uncle: (mumbled something)

Hair Clip: You come sit here! (pointing to her empty seat beside here)

I didn’t get it. Were they in threesome and Hair Clip was jealous? Was Silent Uncle having affair or preferred to sit with another woman Aunt? Did they know each other?

Uncle moved to sit beside Hair Clip but soon, the verbal fight escalated to higher level. Hair Clip turned around and shouted at Blue-White. They both pointed at each other, faces pulled in anger.

Hair Clip: You bitch!

Blue-White: What?! I go to Genting to pray. Unlike you go there to gamble.

Hair Clip: Hah! You go there to pray?!

Wow. So religious to go to casino area to pray.. Genting is famous for being a theme park, casino and ghosts haunting place.

I made a point to listen to all the Recently Added Song in my iPod but found some of the Jay Chou songs too depressing. I skipped them and only listened to happy songs, then decided I shouldn’t limit myself to Jay Chou’s songs. The trip to Genting Skyway was quite fast and smooth.

When we reached there, they continued as if they had never stopped fighting.

Blue-White: I go there pray cannot ah? Unlike you!

After awhile, they stopped. Phew…

Hair Clip: I curse you ah! May you get sick then die (or sth like that)!

Blue-White: I bring this (holding a pink-white plastic much like a chopstick hair accessory but pointed at the end). I stab you then you know.

Hair Clip: See? Go pray?! I call police. I call police!

Blue-White: Go die lah!

We all left the bus and the show. I went off in search of what to spend on. Spa or buffet. Frankly, I wouldn’t go for buffet unless it’s someone’s birthday or there’s at least 50% promotion coz I can’t eat more than RM30! My stomach can’t fit a lot of food but if the buffet lasted for more than 3hrs, I can eat 2 rounds.

So I headed to M Spa. Need to pass under the elephant trunks first and through the aisle. Quiet. Thought the staff who answered my call said they were quite packed today? So not true..

I had to wait for awhile and spent the time taking pictures of the spa products in display till 1 of the staffs told me cannot take picture. Huh. Scared I open another spa with same deco? So I sat at the sofa and looked at the customers that came in.

A Chinese woman with boyfriend. A young Chinese girl who ran in and asked, “Do you speak Mandarin?” (in Mandarin) A family who had booked a session. 1 by 1 disappeared. They all had been served before me!

Earlier I had called to ask if it’s ok to get:

Crystal Peel Treatment RM150++
For skin prone to acne, dull skin and skin with scars.

as I had some pimples and dull skin. And scars. The person who answered the call said yes.

When I asked the staff there and then, said cannot, must have facial 1st then only can do this peel. Ceh! I was given a menu and there was leg hair wax, ear candling, manicure, pedicure, etc besides the usual facial or body massage. This is not listed in the website under Delighting Treatment. So in the end, I chose foot massage and had to top up some $ too.

I think the staff that was supposed to perform the massage wasn’t around. Then the staff who took my payment went off to lunch without informing another staff or the other staff simply didn’t pay attention!

After awhile, someone asked me what I was waiting for. I forgot to get the staff’s name. Bad service.

Then the staff who perform foot massage came back and I was brought to a small, reallly small room that has section by dark brown curtains. Each “room” has 2 chairs – 1 for me and the other for the massager.

The treatment was supposed to be 1hr but it lasted about 45-50min only. The staff was from Bali and she said all the staffs that perform massages are from Bali. Only the receptionist/sales are local Chinese.

The massage was relaxing, not painful at all except there was a point towards the end of the massage where she had to press hard. That wasn’t bone crunching like Thai whole body massage :)

As it was dark, it was easy to sleep but I didn’t doze off, only shut my eyes. The oil massage smelled great.

After the massage, I walked around and saw a banner for Tangs branded warehouse sale 24 – 31 Aug 09 (updated 020909) and bought a RM10 white belt, which I found the same in Jusco, KL at the same price haha!

Oh, I had to top up for the foot massage as it has Service Tax!! WTH. The total was around RM120, if not mistaken.. 1 time only. I wouldn’t go to Genting for spa – the service by the reception was ignorant or miscommunication, the massage was ok but expensive. Though I don’t go for massages even twice a year, I’m sure there are better spas.

Official site: but the listing of services are incomplete. Ask the reception for full menu of services, you’ll be shown a folder of amateur print outs.

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