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iPhone – Period (P) Tracker Lite

When my male colleague asked me what app is good to
install, I immediately recommended Period (P) Tracker *thumbs up on
both hands*! LOL Told him can use it for his girlfriend to prevent
pregnancy :p He’s single. Not sure looking for girlfriend or not..
Period Tracker Lite (5) Period Tracker Lite (1) Pretty! Once installed & opened (2nd icon
on 2nd row), tap on Period Day 1 to add your 1st Period Day. If
it’s not your 1st Day, you can change it later or you can go
directly to Calendar at the bottom navigation. There’s also a paid
version (not in this review yet) called Period Tracker Deluxe (may
appear as P Tracker Deluxe). In a play for words, there’s any Penis

Period Tracker Lite (2) Period Tracker Lite (3) Period Tracker Lite (4) Ha. Now you know my 1st Period Day. For the sake of
testing the sw.. the date has been changed to protect my identity
hahah. Cool huh?! You can add notes, edit the date, select symptoms
& mood! :D Gosh, I never expected these to be so easy.
Today: Period Tracker Lite (6) Aiya, another week to go if follow schedule. From
the bottom navigation: Period Tracker Lite (7) Period Tracker Lite (9) Period Tracker Lite (8) Period Tracker Lite (11) Period Tracker Lite (12) Period Tracker Lite (13) I love this app! Previously I had to write down in
my diary in a specific section lest I mix it up with personal
musings. Then I forgot, I always forgot! Dang! Now I live &
breathe handphone, it’s definately easy to keep track. The upgraded
version has: Period Tracker Lite (10) To make it easy, there’s an option to export data
to Deluxe (paid version). This makes it easier to upgrade. I can
think of other app that doesn’t have this – Shazam (free) doesn’t
enable export unsent music to Shazam Encore. I think the Lite
version is quite complete for me already. It can be used to keep
track of moods too (5th print screen) and diary to check when you
get excited, angry, happy, etc. Very useful! This is 1 of the must
have & favourite app for me + it’s FREE! Will check out the
Deluxe version & update after next cycle. Update: somehow
when I opened the deluxe version the other day, it just auto exit.
So I had uninstalled it & am still using the Lite

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