Ops, forgot your wedding

Lately I had several weddings.. I know, I’m at the age where most of my friends are either married or dating. Only a few rare gems are single. Like me :p

I have a friend whom I shall not tell her actual name (I don’t want her hitting me when we bump into each other). For she could’ve found this blog somewhere on the internet considering it’s soo famous. Not.

Anyway. She, T. Is an amazing and kind friend. Gotta praise first before the blow… What happened was, our mutual friend, S, was getting married after years of dating her straight-laced, nice & serious financial boyfriend. So I was tentative about going to the wedding since S only sent Facebook invitation to her wedding. T exclaimed, “We must go! Let’s go together!” Well, then .. o kay.

On that evening of the wedding dinner, I texted T to let her know where to find parking as we were going separately by transport. A few minutes later, I called her and guess what? She was in a business dinner and nowehere prepared coz she had forgotten about it! She said she’d call S to apologize but as far as I know from S, T didn’t even call or texted her to inform that she couldn’t make it or apologized for not turning up. Needless to say, our Chinese New Year meet up didn’t include T.

Recently, T & I had another friend’s wedding, L. Once L started dating (or maybe it was before that), we lost contact. Perhaps we all had different interests and priority. Perhaps he was busy with work & church and stayed too far from us. Suddenly, I received a call from an unknown number – I didn’t delete his number, my old smartphone was stolen after forgetful head me left it in office toilet! It was really shit.. I am a female, you are a female. Where’s the loyalty?

So L invited me and some of our ex-close friends to his wedding. I told him that he needn’t mail or pass the wedding invitation card to me to save time and money. Just email me. Our other mutual friend, E, asked if I received any call for confirmation. Nope. He must have taken our word that we’d attend when he called me and when he passed the card to E face to face. So the night before his wedding dinner, I texted him. “Didn’t get your wedding confirmation. Is it still on tomorrow?” Haha. A few minutes later, he asked for my email.  He had lost my email address. I told him no need email already. Later, he reminded everyone via mass-sms with date, time & location of the wedding dinner with, “Remanded to come to our wedding dinner at XXX 7pm. From L & wife.” :D

On L’s wedding night, T forgot about it and was at work. Another guy forgot about it too. It’s 1 thing to be busy for work, unable to make it but can’t you just put a reminder in your iPhone4 calendar with alert and own up to forgetting/busy at work to your friend? I guess we are not close friends or even friends anymore since the only update we know is from Facebook activities where it’s just reading other people’s profile, not even posting on wall or poke. Are we that busy or we don’t find courtesy important anymore? Were we afraid of backlash if we admitted we had forgotten? Perhaps the wedding dinner and the friendship are not important anymore.

I wonder how many people will FFK (it’s not a foul word. Cantonese: fong fei kei. English: agreed or promised something but couldn’t make it real/happen) T’s wedding… For the next weddings, I shall bet lots of $$$ that T will forget to turn up, except her own! :D

This weekend will have an engagement dinner :*

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