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Book hotels online – & trip advisor

I discovered online – as in the web from laptop and then found out there’s a mobile application for it. It’s much easier to book in mobile app than through laptop/pc but maybe that’s just me. The results are the same. Pictures are clearer in bigger display though. (1) (2) (3)

Here I was searching for local islands – Perhentian, Sibu, Langkawi, Rawa, Pangkor and Penang. Hey, Penang is still an island!

If you book through, you can cancel it 3 days before you check in without any charges for most places BUT BUT CHECK THE TERMS & CONDITIONS fine print to confirm! (4) (5) (6)

The search results in and trip advisor differ. So it’s best to search in several places to compare the pricing and type of rooms available. However, usually the availability is the same since they are getting it from the same source (the hotel itself). (7) (9) (12)’s in blue while Trip Advisor’s in green. Both have ratings, price and room type but I find listed more variety for room types (how many person per room too). You can set it in the settings in both apps – how many rooms, days/dates and how many people. Actually I had also compared web vs mobile version and both were quite similar in terms of search results.

trip advisor (1) trip advisor (3) trip advisor (4) trip advisor (2)

They are both easy to use and I’m keeping both for future travelling references & booking. I had downloaded other hotel apps but hadn’t fully reviewed them yet. Next trip :)


Take it from me. Who learn it the hard way. I booked the hotel in after countless hrs comparing mobile apps & online websites. Before that I had also asked my colleague to book apartment (cheaper) so that we could spend $ on food & spa :D Then when my colleague finally managed to book an apartment, I wanted to cancel the hotel but it was already 3 days into the checkin!! DARN… shit, what I could do? DINGDINGDINGDING! I panicked and wanted to call senior team members in my team at 3am in the morning! How HOW HOWWW?? So stupid!!

Come the next day, I called the hotel to ask if I could cancel. The guy was helpful to say need to ask his supervisor but his supervisor was in meeting then. Could I call back later?

So I did twice and was transferred to the Supervisor but this Supervisor was difficult to negotiate and insisted no, can’t even change date or charge 1/2 price if I cancel the whole booking. So READ PROPERLY. SOME hotels charge FULL for the nights you book while some charge half or some only charge the 1st night as the rooms could still be “rented” out. WTH.. really unreasonable.

In the end, I stayed at the hotel and luckily, the apartment people allowed us to change date. What’s so good about the hotel that they would charge full? Next post…

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