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Palm of Fortune/Your palm reading – win iPad2?

Did you notice this advertisement on the right side of your Facebook before?

Palm of fortune 4

Once you click on Your palm reading, you will get a page & a pop up:

Palm of fortune 1 Win iPad 2 contest

Which should alert your brain that this is a scam! Look at the pop-up. Looks fishy!

No.. I closed the pop-up and I opened my palm to check the lines. I answered each questions truthfully. Heck, I even entered my details to win the iPad! Duh.

After you’ve answered all questions, it will congratulate you.

Palm of fortune 2

While waiting, do you want to be a bigger sucker?

Palm of fortune

Yeah. I would like to go somewhere. Florida & Bahamas Cruise! Again, what a loser icon for the cruise.

Win Apple iPad! Heh, yeah!

After I had submitted details for the contest, I received 2 emails because DOUBLE duh had entered details in TWO windows – 1 for the iPad, the other for the cruise.

Palm of fortune 3

Palm of fortune 5 Palm of fortune 7

Palm of fortune 6

I’m not that sucker anymore.

There will be no winner. The answers for the palm reading could be obtained from reputed palm reading books anyway.

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