Delicious, BSC lunch

The only constant food when colleagues & I go to Delicious would be the pesto (green spaghetti) & Pavlova (strawberry & cream cheese in hard “thing” at the bottom).

The other day, I tried Red Velvet as our ex-colleague had sweeten us up with her homemade version. This 1 from Delicious? Couldn’t top up my ex-colleagues :p

Pesto was really salty. So we needed sth sweet to counter the saltiness.

Red Velvet’s top is THICK cream cheese. If you are only eating 1 dessert to fill your short break, then RV might be it. If you are eating full meal & other desserts, this will be too much.

Delicious, Bangsar Village II
Ground floor

The composite is created with PhotoShake for iPhone. Love this app!

I’ll upload the original pics when free.

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