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Nose warehouse sale & Big Bad Wolf Sale

Heard positive & negative comments about Nose warehouse sales in FB. Previously I had bad experience with RSH security guard a few years back – he didn’t allow me to enter though there was still 5-10minutes before closing. Since then, I had banned going to Nose or RSH warehouse sales.

Decided to end the ban since I was already in PJ area heading to Big Bad warehouse sale – need to pass through Subang Jaya anyway.

Some available parking inside the warehouse area. The sales area is disappointedly small. Only about 2-4 offer bins per size and the shoes were just thrown into the offer bin. Most of the shoes conditions were worse than pasar mlm, with marks inside and outside the shoes.

The bags were in better condition but not my type. Saw some really serious bling bling :)


I bought 1 of the silver sequins dinner purse. RM20 only!

Saw some Africans buying in boxes. Maybe taking them back home to relatives or sell again? Some guys shopped with gf too.

Next to Big Bad sale. Ah it’s quite far even from Sunway area. As usual, Jln Kewajipan was jammed like ****. I took the other way (right) and just before a small sign to MAEPS on left, I went straight and toured Putrajaya. Quite a lot of trees and wide roads. Not a bad place to live. If Malaysia were not racially misaligned.

Good thing about MAEPS/Big Bad sale was there were lots of feeder bus from car park (Hall A on the sign) to the almost entrance! Kudos to organizers for making it convenient and safe for customers.

Found lots of my favourite authors. Grabbed them (almost all). LJ Smith’s books (not Vampire Diaries series) but I wasn’t sure if I had read them before years ago? They sounded familiar… then there was JD Robb. OMG ALL PAPERBACKS in big fonts that my mom will find it easy to read! Then there was Iris Johansen & Sherrilyn Kenyon! At that time, I had about 10+ books.


Then mom SMS that it would be better if I buy books that cannot be rented. Usually and all these years, we had been renting books from Central Market. The Indian guys are ok though once in awhile, they may charge more. Not sure if they deliberately wanted to eat more $ or they were getting old? Rental’s RM2-6 normally but you need to give deposit, which is fair because you’d never know when customers don’t return the books.


So in the end, I ended up with these:


Edie Jarolim – Am I boring my dog?
David Bach – Smart Women Finish Rich
Sherrilyn Kenyon – Acheron
Janet Evanovich – Wicked Appetite
Robert & Emi Kiyosaki – Rich Brother Rich Sister

I think I may have read part of Smart Women in Borders before.. And I don’t remember if I had read Acheron’s book but I had certainly read about him before with Simi. Anyway, I can reread. Acheron’s 1 of my fav characters in the Dark-Hunter novels :)

Too bad no mag that I liked.

All books that I bought were RM8 each, except Smart Women Finish Rich at RM10. SO WORTH IT!

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