Stop dog culling & start TNR.. anything but senseless killing

Dog culling

Ever since Penang’s Lim Guan Eng announced that Penang would start dog culling, there had been lots of complaints and suggestions. Positive and negative. Bear in mind, while Penang had been vocal and transparent about it (sort of), other states like Kedah & Perlis had already started dog culling without announcement to the public.

Dog culling, catching dogs & killing them on the spot, catching dogs and dumping them in City Hall facilities or to NGO shelters… and even a remote area are nothing new before there was announcement of rabies outbreak.

Save Our Strays (SOS) – PenangThis morning 845am MBPP dog catchers at Maccallum.The Chinese guy in this video saw Mbpp dog catcher and guide them to other area to catch more dogs. Owner, pls go claim this dog asap from River Road.

This video is just 1 of them. There are rescuers and feeders who work very hard to feed and catch strays, some even neutered the strays with own pocket money – only to have the strays caught, some killed.

What outbreak?

How many people had been suspected and confirmed with rabies? Out of the ones who did have rabies and not saying it’s not a serious health problem, how many citizens are there in Malaysia? How many % were infected?

freemalaysiatoday – NGO: Penang culls 1,711 strays due to 4 rabies cases

While rabies had been confirmed with less than 1 hand count (<=5 fingers) in Oct 2015, contractors are still catching and killing strays with glee. It’s like they are so happy with a license to kill and have so much hate for stray dogs.

Such a happy puppy. Not every stray is dangerous.

Cruelty  How did we end up being a nation that allows killing homeless animals, especially dogs when we wanted to be modern? How can we evolve as human beings when we don’t care about other people and lives? Killing dogs with blood all over the place – how does this remove rabies? How does catching and dumping dogs into remote areas – dead or alive solve rabies? How does killing solve stray problems? Country had been catching and killing strays for years. Has it been effective? If yes, then we wouldn’t have this problem today.


I was pro-vaccination. It’s better than dog culling. Why didn’t the government buy more vaccines? Why didn’t the government use the vaccines available to help the dogs? Why didn’t the government allow NGO and help from outside? Was there red tape? Did gov know the vaccine were just another decoy for sth else that the public is unaware of?

On the other hand, vaccination could just be another vehicle by the medical and pharmacy industry to profit without actually improving the health of dogs.

What are other solutions?

  1. Have neighbourhood dogs – treat the strays as neighbourhood dogs instead. Every housing street and shoplots share to feed, bathe and neuter the dogs.
  2. Every home (or selected home, randomly, etc) adopt a stray.
  3. Provide incentive for adopters, fosters, rescuers and shelters.
  4. Mobile clinic for neutering dogs.
  5. Education and practice to take care of animals instead of dumping animals when they are no longer cute, healthy or human are moving house, too busy, etc. Open mindedness and compassion.
  6. Cheaper medicine/health care, food & welfare for strays and rescues.
  7. Allow more than 1 dog per terrace house and allow dogs in apartment/condo/flat provided dogs are quiet and being taken care of.
  8. We take action instead of hoping others will take action.
  9. My Dailyhoroscope already told me: ideas that I have are not the only possible solutions. There are more and better ideas by the people :)

Pics Source: Lessie n Fifi (@lessienfifi) • Instagram photos and videos. The dogs are at KL Pooch Rescue, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

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