Sungai Buloh Nursery

Warning! This is a long post with pictures and I haven’t finish writing this. I also don’t know most of the plants name and some plants pics were not identified with nursery name – appreciate if you could ID them in comments :)

There are other posts on nurseries in Sungai Buloh/Sungai Buluh and Selangor Green Lane -> go to Category: Gardening.

It’s been a long time since I blogged. I find that it’s easier to post stuff in Facebook- esp the pics and captions than blogging.

Today I finally went to Sungai Buloh Nursery in the afternoon no less :0 It rained in the morning, I guessed – I didn’t know, I slept till almost 11sth am. Luckily it wasn’t very hot and humid like yesterday/lately.

I parked at the entrance (inside) and thought, why not walk outside to the first few Lots that I saw while driving in?

To go to Sungai Buluh/Buloh Nursery (some app list this as Sg Buloh Nursery), I used Waze app on phone. Before that, I had already searched in Foursquare for nurseries and found 3 listed – so I just used the nearest one and tap Directions. This is a different place from Selangor Green Lane, I think. Also read:

Even before you see these signs, you would see Lot No 2 and some nurseries along the road just (left & right) after you passed Hospital Sungai Buloh on the roadside. At this sign, turn in:

This is along the road to Sungai Buloh Nursery, right before turning in to the Nursery. Once you are there, you’ll see lots of plants on the roadside. The branches are drooping but the flowers are so pretty:

Nak masuk longkang (play bowling, go into the ditch):

Love this plant. Name? It reminds me of winter and cool places, all things nice (not hot like Kuala Lumpur). These are not in shaded or covered area so they can withstand hot weather :) The leaves are also soft!

Grass squares and potted plants. Funny to see them in patches. Belum copy+paste cukup heh. Turned out I had been tagging the wrong spelling #sungaibuluhnursery instead of #sungaibulohnursery aiyo:

There was no security check when I drove in. Parking is beside the mainroad till end of the road (as long as you don’t block the road). Some people park at the entrance then drive to the end. I prefer to walk and check out all nurseries first – need the exercise.

Directory at entrance. The pink arrow tells you to go that way:

Most of the plants at the nurseries are healthy and cheaper than retail prices. Some shops may have staff asking what are you looking for but they would not bug you if you tell them you just want to look and they allow photo snapping :) Some will not approach you at all. Some of the shops sell the same plants, some list the plants’ names and price.

I was looking for moisture meter. No such luck.

Fang Kiat (1st shop on the left after crossing security/bridge)

Bright red plant at only RM4 (some leaves had been bitten though – which means less pesticide?) and the purple-white flower below – both are so beautiful. These pictured are placed outside at the nursery and there is another batch under shade. The pic doesn’t do the saturation justice, the plants’ colours are sharper even when I was wearing sun glasses! Almost tempted to get some home:

These are pretty.

The flower plants are also hanging on pot

Colourful ceramic vase, some with hole and not.

Happiness life (Happy life?). These are medium-big size pots at RM48.

Cactus and succulents arrangement. These are at least RM140! They look gorgeous! Even the succulent at the bottom row of the pic are at RM148 or RM160+, I forgot.

The bright spot among green

Succulent flowering and look how tall they are :) Ops, 1 dried.

Succulents and terrariums. There are people who are able to plant succulents in terrariums but I think without draining hole, one has to be really careful in watering. They do look cute but are they good for long run? Are you a gardener who is into looks more than the plants’ health? Is there compromise? Maybe not, I’m not an expert.

Now why didn’t I think of growing grass, then put succulents on top before? Or get a table in the free space area like this?

I noticed that a lot of the nurseries here use mostly rich soil and few small stones instead of mostly stones. Do check the soil and plant health before purchase unless you want to nurse it back to health.

Saw some succulents & cactus in small pots with algae (greenish thing on the soil) – it means over watered, water had pooled, draining is not good and it could cause fungus or rot if this persisted. I had succulents died before due to overwatering and rot in the stem (mostly root too). If the algae were just on the surface, you can dry it out but not under 35Celcius sun directly coz these succulents were in shaded area. Need hardening first – to move them to hotter area, bring them out to hotter area slowly/increase the duration or temp slowly. Another way is to take out the plant (and root intact!) and plant it in another pot w more perlite/similar sized stones, less black and brown soil that absorbs water. Any soil that mention maintain or absorb water – keep them away from succulents & cactus!

Still, the plants in Fatt Kiat are mostly very healthy. The sedum Donkey’s Tail (bottom right) is very cute! Some of the succulents are fuzzy – nice to touch (of course I didn’t touch them there, I have Crassula Rogersii at home). They are pretty cheap here and have many varieties.

All cactus are succulents but not all succulents are cactus :p

Hee Garden 

Lots of big trees and trees that look like they belong in Winter places but these are not in shaded area – which means they can really stand the heat! Hee Garden has more big plants inside.

Ho. My God. RM2800. It IS a big tree.

The succulents & cactus here are bigger than other nurseries, not necessarily more healthy:

I don’t remember if this were still Hee Garden. REALLY PRETTY! All the small, colourful flowers!

There were not many people on a Sunday afternoon – at least not when I went. The roads were clear except for a few cars at the entrance and somewhere along the road. Most people would come either early morning or evening to avoid the hot sun. Owners/workers there wear straw hats :)

These trees – at first I thought they have amazing colours:

Yeap Nursery

When I sniffed them there, I couldn’t detect the smelly smell. On the way out holding a pot, I could smell it *sneeze*. Smells baddddd.. I have to separate this plant from the dogs.

Lam Garden

Sunny Morning Glory, a wild plant:

Gardening pots, vase, floor tiles with stones, soil, fertilizers, seeds, etc are available in some of the nurseries:

Chong Garden

Outside has lots of big orchid flowers. The ones inside are leaves planted on pots – it’s very shaded inside.

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More orchids:

Pin! Pin! I guessed people are happy there, surrounded by fresh air and greenery.

Hanging plants from the pot:

Air plants?

The photo doesn’t do the colour justice. The red-yellow-green leaves at the back are very striking.

Overall, it’s great to spend time there and support local businesses.

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