Secret Garden, Rooftop, 1 Utama part 1

Warning: This post is broken into several parts – lots of pics.

Secret Garden is located on the rooftop in 1 Utama Shopping Mall. You can reach the Secret Garden from New Wing’s lift near the food court/Secret Recipe area.

The entrance is only accessible by lift or staircase. Recommended to take the lift as the staircase is usually empty. There’s pretty white chair & fake flowers if you are interested to take pics there. Too cheesy and sweet.

It’s free entrance. You need to register at the entrance, in case you are lost or still hiding in the garden when they want to close it. There’s no time limit as long as it’s opened – 10am-10pm. Nyeh, can come here for taking a break and breathe in clean air (when there’s no haze).

Brochure is very pretty, you can get the hardcopy from some of the newsletter boxes around the mall (may not be available), at the entrance of Secret Garden (a lot) or softcopy is posted in 1U’s Facebook gallery.

I took lots of pics on some of the plants but didn’t take all plants’ pic as it was going to rain. Towards the end, some of the pics are blurred – the wind was swaying the plants.

The first plant that caught my eyes: the leaves are coarse-velvety like and tiny red flowers pop-up on the ground. This plant can grow a lot, it’s covering another tree trunk’s bottom part (another pic further down).

There’s a sign saying “Brazilian Torch” though when I searched google images, I’m not sure if this were the correct name?

Funny plant name – Broad tongue can be used as weapon :p and you see the Episcia is here too:


I really like these flowers, so I took several pics :)

Last one, ok? Looking up at the tree:

The Episcia (plant from 1st pic) crawling over the Limestone Cycas:

Uh, tongue again? Round tongue this time but still pointy sharp :p

1U’s website doesn’t say much about it but here’s the directory map:

Facebook gallery – The Secret Garden

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