Secret Garden, Rooftop, 1 Utama part 2

*rubs hands* Succulents & Cactus section! I came here for these.

Pretty leaves – purple to green:

This one is big:

Guessed the Zebra Plant became red-orange from the sunlight & heat. It’s sorching 33C – 38C in the afternoon. Heck, even some mornings are at 32C!

Hey! Surprised to see WoodΒ Sorrel in the Cactus & Succulents section! I thought they were Clove leaves:

Sunlight & heat turning the leaves to bright tips (top succulents). Will the ball-cluster make bloop bloop sound?

I have these seeds Aster at home! They are growing reaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllly slow.

Last tongue pic.

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