Selangor Green Lane – Lot 49 & 50 DT Delima Tani

Warning – lots of pics!

The plant, pottery and landscape nurseries started from near Sungai Buloh train station and along the Sungai Buloh-Shah Alam highway. It’s a LOOOOOOOOONG stretch that if you want to go to the next Lot, you may have to drive because there are traffic light junctions. The area is huge compared to Sungai Buloh Nursery (lots of pics – all in 1 post), which I went last month.

My target: Succulents (indoor or outdoor) and pretty flower plants that can be under full sun in outdoor. Preferably similar or same price as Sg Buloh Nursery companies but I don’t mind paying slightly extra, like RM1-3 per pot hahah if the services were good. Don’t think we have nurseries selling succulents OUTDOOR in Kuala Lumpur with such hot, humid and sudden rain but one can hope. So that I can plant them outdoor because the garden area is just empty space for dogs to perform business (shit & pee), sometimes to dry big sized cloths and bedsheets .. and for me to look up the sky for aliens.

Selangor Green Lane’s directory by My Garden Directory – refer the comments/Q&A for which Lot is/are suitable for what you are looking for. Mine was Lot 49 & 50 DT and 61 Paling (searched for “succulent”).

I went on Wed 11.30am and had traffic jam almost all the way :S So many lorries! There are parking space right in front/side of the nurseries. Overshot 49 & 50, ended up at 50a Jungle Classic with sawing sound:

Backtracked (walked) and saw tiny sign Lot 50 at the fence. Then huge pine(?) tree at entrance – Lot 49 & 50 DT:

Nobody approached me the whole time I was there. Even when I was hanging around a particular spot, looking for staff because I liked one of the metal wire rack. Too bad, I will try other nurseries or go back Sg Buloh Nurseries which have lots of things in 1 place.

Unruly bunch. Sg Buloh Nurseries have these in neat shapes. Some of them have lots of flowers. Pretty Portulaca.

Another small bright flower plant:

Need to find succulents. Where?

There are greenhouses – 1 door was open and it was mostly small herb plants, the other had a sign “NO ENTRY” and another “GUARD DOG” (German Shephard face).

I left disappointed. That said, there were customers who had service from the staffs. I could have asked 1 of the people I thought were staffs but it was fine, I’d check out Lot 61 or other nurseries along the way.

You can search “Lot 49” or “Delima Tani” in Waze/Google Map.

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