Selangor Green Lane – Lot 61 Paling Horticulture

Warning: Lots of pics

The signage says “Paling Holticulture” and not Horticulture :) I like the font and colour combination.

It’s quite a big place and you can see red banners for Chinese New Year sale along the road, I was surprised to see them in May 2016 – a few months after CNY is over. Didn’t believe there would be any sale, just someone forgot to put them down.

This time, I went straight to the succulents area. Staff told me, “Inside inside”, pointing in. Whoa.. such a big area! *jakun swoon*

SBN in the post is Sg Buloh Nursery, not SeremBaN.

I already had some of these species from Sg Buloh Nursery but still I checked them out 1 by 1. Not obsessed. Just being thorough ;)

I’m a newbie to Succulents and had only seen succulents in company’s event, Sungai Buloh Nursery and Publika’s Eco weekend fair in real life. Oh and 1U’s Secret Garden at Rooftop. I may have seen succulents before but was never interested enough to remember or get them home. So these are a lot to me. Where can I find more > pls comment?

Find out how to make grafted cactus. 1 of them will die. But then, some of my succulents died from over watering, over dried, bad soil and already infected before I got them home and they were not grafted :( My bad, now I’m getting better at recognizing the symptoms.

These are gorgeous!

I have very thin fingers, so the Echeveria(?) is bigger than my palm.

Some of the stem/branch at the point where it meets the soil look woody. I got one that had 3 stems from 1 plant and 1 of the stems turned more woody, had roots coming out of the stem (could be a sign of stress, not enough nutrients or it’s getting old, want you to cut the stem) but the top leaves had tiny babies and overall looked healthy. I had beheaded it and planted in another pot (still surviving phew) after a week at home.

Some are widely spaced in between the leaves (not enough light) when they were growing.

Bad thing here is I found some weird small metal pieces on the plants.

Now that I’m posting this, I would get the light silver-gray-purple succulent on top left if I were going again .. and any succulent with wood barrel/clove – doesn’t matter they are weed :)

Or I did but the staff who packed them removed the weeds? They are so cute. Silly people buy weed. People who could kill plants easily – we get weed, so they won’t die easily but succulents can die easily from overwatering/water accummulating at the root/plant and pests.

In chat messaging apps, there is emoji for cactus. I use it for polite middle finger. Think these cactus must be a few years old already?

Aha. Did you think we had finished all the succulents viewing?

After I get the hang of keeping succulents, then I could get the more $ ones, like RM15 – 20 per pot.

Do you notice – succulents in KL/Selangor do not have rainbow colours like what people post in Instagram? Due to our weather?

No more looking at succulents or I would get more.

Has anyone put own finger on the leaves?

Chinese New Year stuff. There are more racks for CNY pots, vase and deco.

These are not on sale:


Purslane and Portulaca Grandiflora are quite common in the Sg Buloh & Selangor Green Lane nurseries. They are also classified as weed but oh, such pretty flowers!

I realized that they look good here but once it’s at home, you’ll see the stems and branches go crazy. Unruly.

That’s a lie. I got the green ones and they turned red after a few days at home. The green ones have a LOT of holes too but I was blinded by the colourful pretty green, pink and yellow leaves that I bought TWO. There, I looked up and down, looked at the bottom of the plastic.. couldn’t find any bug or culprit.

At home, I couldn’t find any bug as well.. till I sprayed alcohol and water anyway as prevention. Next day, saw lots of tiny white specs on the soil where the stems meet the soil. Yikes, snails!! Died. Some black flecks too. Read online they could be caterpillar shit or sth?

Back to the pics from the nursery:

I was surprised there were roosters. This was 1 of them. They were shocked to see me and ran off in a hurry. Pok pok pok pok pok.

When I went there, staff would ask what you are looking for and if you are at the cactus/succulent area, there are pliers on plastic tray but they don’t hv the plastic tray like Fang Kiat to give you. They’ll wrap the cactus & succulents in newspaper. It’s good too, less plastic consumption and recycle paper but just make sure the plants in newspapers roll in the car or the pretty succulent leaves could get loose. Staff kept asking me, “OK? OK?” (wants to pack the ones I had selected). “Nak tengok lagi.”

Staff will carry the purchases to your car. Receipt with line items can be provided if requested, otherwise it’s just a total $ receipt. Overall an enjoyable experience to walk around and buy plants here.

Here’s my dog inspecting the plants at home:

and she just had to squeeze herself in between the plants. At least she doesn’t eat them.

This is not a sponsored post and I am not affiliated with Lot 61 but I’ll probably drop by again in the future. Just have to be more careful – NEVER get any plants with holes or problems coz I’m not expert enough to reverse the situation. Since I had some infected plants (Portulaca/Japanese roses, Coleus Alternanthera and insect in the succulent soil) and some are good (Purslane and Coleus Ruby Ruffles are going strong) from Paling Horticulture, I’d rather check out other nurseries I hadn’t been yet unless I can’t find the plant anymore.

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