Gardening @ AEON Big, Mid Valley Megamall


The other day I went to Mid Valley Megamall for French Film Festival in GSC and decided to walk in AEON Big for exercise. I’d been to Tesco, Carrefour and AEON’s gardening sections. Not every branch is equal.

AEON Big has an aisle for gardening tools, pots, vase, stack pots, support, soil (very limited brands), herbs, small home plants and at the back is … surprise! Cactus & succulents!

The tiny metal stands are compact and looks good on table but they can only fit the small size pots, like below:

Baba. Lots of nurseries and hypermarkets sell Baba stuff. Claimed the plastic pots & vase can be recycled but there’s no detail info on the exact plastic name (Polyprene?) and I bought Baba soil before and it had tiny ant moving inside when I wanted to scoop some soil to put in pot. Ick.

I don’t know how much it had been infected and had to use isopropyl alcohol or vinegar with water to remove the pest. Don’t dare to use it on plants anymore. I had succulents in a small pot died before due to only 1 ant or fly found on the soil. The succulents were from fair or nurseries and not from my own purchased soil but the bad experiences had stopped me from buying more soil from Baba or any company that has pest inside. Even 1 tiny pest. Perhaps other people had better luck with Baba.

Intricate wheelbarrows look pretty in fairy garden arrangement. Sometimes I feel the succulents are already pretty by themselves and don’t need to add decorative items but hey, it’s fun to imagine tiny/miniature gardens and daydream.

It’s one big table combined. That’s all. Considered a lot for hypermarket when you compare it with AEON MV. Not sure if Isetan Gardens sell any plant. Being in aircond environment, they look ok, just not bursting in good health. Don’t see any rotting succulent or cactus.

Price is definitely more expensive than nurseries. Double to triple $.

In terms of hypermarkets, I liked going to Tesco Kepong Village – gorgeous, bright flowers in Kalanchoe during Christmas time last year and AEON Mid Valley – even bigger Kalanchoe for the same price(!) before I went to plant nurseries this year. I knew there were nurseries but I had never been to one before..

Now that I had been to nurseries, the plants definitely look more healthy in nurseries than hypermarkets due to there’s at least 1 expert in nurseries and natural direct/indirect sunlight/clean rainwater.

Not many plants can stand Kuala Lumpur’s afternoon heat. So for the plants purchased in air-cond / shaded (even from nurseries), they CANNOT be placed outdoor under the sun directly immediately or they can die from overheat/over dry! Depending on the plant and environment, some plants do adjust gradually and some cannot.

Would I buy from hypermarket still? Nah, they get the stock from nurseries anyway. Unless I fall in love with the plant.

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