Sg Buloh Nursery – Fang Kiat Florist – flower plants

Warning – lots of pics!

This is the 1st part – flower plants and the 2nd part is on succulents.

This is the 2nd time I went to Sungai Buloh Nursery and Fang Kiat is the first “shop” at the entrance. It’s also 1 of the more organized nursery there. Lots of healthy looking plants but almost all of them are under shade protection – consider this when you want to place the plants under direct sun or indoor without direct sunlight because the plants need to adjust gradually.

I’m here again for Purslane, Portulaca and the lots of flowers in tall stalk – they were placed outdoor getting direct sun and rain the 1st time I came but I couldn’t see them in abundant anymore this time :(

Fang Kiat and Hee Garden (walk further a bit in, opposite Fang Kiat’s row) have very bushy and pretty Purslane (also from Portulaca family) and Portulaca. Prices are similar but Hee Garden ones are placed outdoor direct sun/rain and some are slightly prettier (also more $). Will write about Hee Garden when free – haven’t posted all the pics in Instagram – LessieFifiSucculents yet.

There are people who would laugh why would anyone want to buy Purslane and Portulaca. I was in a gardening Facebook Group and someone asked where he could buy Purslane and then someone bombed him in reply, “Can’t understand why ppl would want to buy weed.”It’s weed only in certain States/places.

My Purslanes (have two – buy two is cheaper :P) stems are growing up right and they are tidy. Portulaca Grandiflora is a different story. They go haywire, up down, left right, everywhere. I gotta trim them.. and plant those sticks at the back free space – see if they’ll grow. Every morning I’d wake up and check out if the flowers showed up heh.

My aunt told me that kids used to plant this Purslane/Portulaca freely (Japanese Rose/Moss Rose) and now nurseries are selling this? Haha.

These plants have cheerful, bright flowers when they get full sun and they flower everyday (as long as there’s direct full sun)! They are hardy too – don’t need much water and like water draining soil like succulent (they store water in the leaves too).

Ah, I was looking for sth like Angelonia but in purple and pink.

Zinnia has pretty flowers – really staturated in colours:

Think you can also find these flower plants seeds in ACE Hardware but seeds per packet can be more expensive than getting a plant!

Like chili:

Continue to read about Succulent…

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