Sg Buloh Nursery – Fang Kiat Florist – Succulents











Succulents now. Medium size, small pots and arrangements in planter & terranium. Notice the more $ ones have pebbles/gravel (good ones) vs brown soil. Plus, the higher $ also includes the pot/planter/container. Terraniums are the most expensive arrangements. The terranium box/glass itself are at least RM50/++, some are hundred+

There are booths and DIY art shops that sell clay. You can make one Totoro yourself and paint it, buy coloured dry-fast clay or buy from finished product from nurseries/gift/online shops.

This Echeveria is palm size wide open (medium size).

Faded purple-gray Echeveria:

Since they almost buried some of the leaves, do check if the leaves and stem are purplish-black or darkened. It could be rotting. Leaves should not be underneath the soil.

These sedums are just so cute, I wanna squeeeeeze them but couldn’t.

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So bushy and healthy. I had some plants from Fang Kiat, it has the best looking (mostly healthy, small size succulents) in Sungai Buluh Nursery but some of them do not last long at home without air cond indoor. A few had fly, ant underneath and some died because I had over watered and under watered. I guess they should be indoor cool temp (at least with fan or air cond in Kuala Lumpur's weather) since they are shaded and temp moderated in the nursery. I had roses from Cameron Highlands that wilted once reach KL years ago. Cheap but never again, poor flowers and plants. #sedum #prettyleaves #succulents #plantnursery #sungaibulohnursery #cute #succulentsofinstagram #succulentlove #containergardening #succulentscare #cameronhighlands #fangkiatflorist

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Sempervivum, I think (the ones that have stems shooting out), also known as hens and chicks:

I had some succulents from Fang Kiat, after a month – I think some are ok, some are not (had pest in the soil) and they must be indoor/shaded. Could be due to I only got small plants and it’s easier for small plant to die if they had pest or couldn’t harden to the new environment as fast as I thought they could. Most of the plants do look bushy and healthy, Fang Kiat also restock every week or so.

Nowadays I keep my succulents on bookcase indoor with indirect light and move them to the living room or kitchen (also indoor with indirect light but more light than being in bookcase) and bring them back to the bookcase before noon. It gets hot in the afternoon and they may get overheat.

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