Sg Buloh Nursery – Hee Garden part 1

Warning: Lots of pics!

This is slightly opposite corner of Fang Kiat Florist. Packed with big trees and medium sized plants, pots, water plants and cactus/succulents. Lots of Purslane outside on the group. Some are in pots and hanging pots. Very gorgeous and healthy Purslane, comes in different prices too.

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And there are succulents! I had no idea! This is the 2nd time I came here. Lots of varieties – more than Fang Kiat Florist but have to check properly – found one or two rotted (turned dark brown and squishy) in the pot. A few of the succulents are bigger than the pot, like the bright green ones below (3rd row from the bottom right and left side) but the price is the same as the others in the same pot type :D

I think the colours in the phone camera were a bit out – it had started raining outside and camera didn’t capture the colours that I saw but I don’t remember the exact colours and tones for each of the succulents anymore so I couldn’t edit properly to match. Yeah, this nursery is protected from the rain :)

There are pliers to take the tiny pots out. Since they are so busy, had to becareful not to disturb nearby leaves. That big pot is for propagation:

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