Christmas trees 2015

Yeah, it’s June and I’m writing on Christmas trees from last year.

I got this plant because I wanted some natural green at home (fake flowers are temporary happiness but plastic and I didn’t want to kill any flower in vase) and there was haze from open burning *angry at selfish people selling our forest without caring about the forest*

For all that I could remember, I couldn’t keep any plant alive for months. The last cactus I had, a gift from colleague (bless her), had died from powdery stuff at the bottom where the “ball” met the soil. It could be that cactus would have wooly stuff but I thought it had disease and poked it. It cracked and I tore the hole a bit to see what’s the problem. Dissecting.. Inside was empty! Surprise. It was soft, so I now know that I had probably overwatered it causing fungus infection. Cactus also can die and cactus is 1 of the easiest plant to take care of, people say. That’s not true. Cactus still needs care – at the right time and amount.

So I shifted to plant pine-like Christmas tree. Feels weather is cooler just from looking at it. Kuala Lumpur weather is humid = hot / raining. It’s summer all year round.

This was a medium sized, tall pine-like tree.

These were the first few plants that I bought during Christmas 2015 or Chinese New Year 2016. I got them from Tesco at the vegetables section.

The Double-flowered Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (middle & right plant) had really small pretty flowers and thick leaves but I had no idea they were Kalanchoe / a succulent plant then!

Succulent stores water in the stem or leaves. So they really don’t need as much water as normal plants.

This was after rain and I didn’t think to move it to under sun gradually (should move harden them slowly from original environment to where they would stay). Had some dried flowers.

Sigh. I didn’t know it yet then. It was fungus and mealy bug on the pine tree. Algae – too much water & not enough drainage (advised by someone in FB group).

The yellow double-flowered Kalanchoe bloss—- blossfeldiana flowered and whoa, so many of them!

At around the same time, I also got another succulent – grapo-sth? I really loved this one.

Crown of Thorns (left) and Kalanchoe (right):

My favourite pics:


The moment it grew mushrooms, I freaked out and threw the Coffee Bean / Starbucks paper cup trays and soil out to the backyard, then replanted the Kalanchoe. Turned out mushrooms were good, they would decompost the soil later. Sth like that.

The perils of having dogs that shed fur:

Mistake to put succulent into container without drainage hole and though it was shaded by pallet, rain still came in a bit causing overwatering, lack of drainage & air circulation -> easy to rot / get pest!

At one point, I had a huge hardpaper box as gardening storage place and was trying to propagate the fallen leaves.

The pine tree (may not be the real plant name, I’ll just reference it as pine tree here) had grown :)

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Back in March 2016, 1 of the Kalanchoes had snail attack. Just a tiny brown fella.

Soil was too wet – should mix with more tiny stones for drainage. All soil from nurseries for succulents are not suitable once they are big. Also, most nurseries put the succulents indoor and shaded. I put mine outside without hardening them much – a mistake though the succulents grew a bit (then died a few months later).

Kalanchoe is a SUCCULENT plant!!! Think cactus. My bro kept complaining that I didn’t water my plants, he watered them for me in the morning daily and by the time I explained again for the 2nd time they are like cactus, he stopped watering them but it was too late. Agh!

This weed grew from the ditch and had lots of white flies / pest that are insect-like and flies. Always have to cut it but it grows again sooner or later. Need to pull the root in between the ditch. Or maybe stick some mulch and stones there :p

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