Phuket 4D3N Sep 2016 – Day 1

Update 20161219: Had to break the post into separate posts as my browser hanged loading so many pics. I included all the links in Phuket 4D3N Sep 2016 for easier navigation.

Our flight was early morning and when we reached KLIA2 (the new LCCT), the sky was still dark and there were some PokeStops but no Pokemon :( After toilet, we were going to walk slowwwwwwwwwly to the depart hall and I saw a door on the left side, people were smoking. Normally I wouldn’t go towards smoking area but I did and the view is more beautiful than the pic:

Padi fields?

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#phuket #viewfromplane #airasia

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#phuket #viewfromplane #airasia

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I really love this colour, view from plane. The water appears blue-green to my eyes. Phone didn’t capture the saturated colour, so I edited the pic to match as close to what I see.

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t #t #phuket #viewfromplane #airasia #travel

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#phuket #viewfromplane #airasia #travel

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We had a hard time getting GrabTaxi though there are quite a number of taxi with this app during lunchtime from JungCeylon. Our 1st taxi stopped at a different McDonald’s due to my phone’s GrabTaxi only detected one McD in JungCeylon. Note JungCeylon has 2 McD – one facing main street and the other is at the small round-about. I called our Taxi driver to inform of our actual location and he said OK but he still couldn’t find us and then he cancelled our booking without informing us! I only found out about the cancellation while standing under the hot sun by the roadside when I kept checking where was our taxi in the app.

However, we managed to get another Taxi soon and here’s our first stop: Karon Viewpoint. The place is windy and gorgeous! If you are searching for Phuket pics, this is one of the most captured view – the sea and beach colours, the trees, shape of the land and I think sunset will be gorgeous here too. We reached here around noon with bright sun.

Continue to Karon Viewpoint
Nai Harn Beach
Windmill Viewpoint & Promthep Alternative Energy Station / Nai Harn Viewpoint
Promthep Cape / Laem Promthep

4 thoughts on “Phuket 4D3N Sep 2016 – Day 1

    1. We were just over in end October. Yes it did rain heavily every evening! But some of the days were clear skies! We rented a car and drove ourselves around, so it was not too bad!


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