Phuket 4D3N Sep 2016 – Day 2 – Phi Phi Don

PYO Travel has local agency to drive us to the other side of the island, to Rassada Pier and take cruise ship to Phi Phi Don. The van would pickup customers from many location – so be ready on time or it would leave you behind.

It drizzled in the morning.

The ship would stop for us to take scenery rocks but I could hardly hear anything from the loudspeaker. There are several tiers on the ship – top level (uncovered), 1st floor (uncovered at the rims and covered), ground (covered) and basement (covered). Covered areas have air-cond. There’s a VIP floor. I forgot which floor VIP was at. Free coffee on the way to the island. There were instant noodles, snack, desserts, fruits and drinks which you can buy and eat.

I had spoken too soon about cloudy sky and not getting sun burn. I became a lobster after 2hrs later, even with sunscreen (Claire Organics natural sunscreen, smells lovely). It was probably due to the sunscreen wasn’t strong enough because my face (different sunscreen) wasn’t as badly burnt as shoulders, arms & legs. Of course being under the sky, even when the sun was behind the clouds while on the way to the island helped in getting pink. Good thing I only felt pain at the end of the day.

Pics of rocks are not in sequence.

Viking Cave?

Almost reaching Phi Phi Don! #phiphiislands otw #phiphidon #rock #phuket

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#phiphiislands #travel #tinyisland

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Front of Phi Phi Island was full of water vehicles and water was not clear.

The moment you land at the jetty, you’ll have to pay THB20 for cleanup of the island or you won’t be able to step into the island. THB20 is just 30cents/+ depending on when you exchange currency, so everyone would pay – it’s cheap for entry though I am not sure if other islands are charged the same? I think some ppl complained about the entry charges, so this guy voiced out his frustration:

Can be crowded #sampan #phiphidon #colourful

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Nature in Phi Phi Don. Some gorgeous plants here. I wished we had time to go to the Phi Phi Don Viewpoint.

Whoa! #colourful #brightflowers #phiphidon

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Lots of people would sell travelling, snorkelling packages, food and souvenirs.

I think the souvenirs in the island are quite good quality. They are very colourful and you can find similar/same souvenirs in Jungceylon and the streets and night market in Patong area. I didn’t go to other places like The Garden (north side) or Phuket Shopping Center (right side of the island) so I can’t compare with these malls.

Back of the island is better. The colours that I saw were prettier than the pics. Still, the beaches are not as beautiful as mainland’s.

#lohdalumbay #phiphidon

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We had lunch here (Phi Phi Hotel) as part of the travelling package. There are lots of hotels on the island and LOTS of Chinese tourist.

One of the interesting building in the island:

Trellis 🙋 #climbingplants #trelis #gardening #phiphidon

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Queue at the jetty to get onboard ship, going back to Phuket. It’s rusty but the picture turned out much better:

Phi Phi Don jetty #phiphidon

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