Tokyo Autumn 2016 – Day 1

This post will be updated in the future.

Actually it was 2x half day for flights and 4 days in Tokyo, back in Nov 10th.
Depart: flight from KLIA2 was in the afternoon -> reached Haneda International Airport at 10:30pm local time.
Arrival: Late night depart Haneda International Airpot to KLIA2 morning.

There were some arrangements with my friend that fell out so in the end I booked accommodation and planned for solo trip with friend and colleagues help. So it was even more important that I didn’t have to walk or take public transport far for safety and convenience (carrying a luggage or backpack + handcarry bag).

I booked portable wifi from TravelRecommends a few days before departure and chatted with the rep via Whatsapp. It was confirmed that I could collect at KLIA2 at the Capsule Hotel on the day of flight but when I went to collect, the device wasn’t there. After a few calls, they gave me a backup device which couldn’t be turned on without pressing hard for a long time (the staff tested it when I asked how to use it) and it was almost time for departure! The staff at Capsule told me not to on it in KL since the device is for Japan. Luckily I didn’t miss the flight.


Surprised AirAsia had T&CO coffee/tea :)

The beach (border) area looks like scallops/hearts.


I had read online that immigration check at the airport may take up to an hour, so if plane reached at 10.30pm, give or take 1/2hr to leave plane in case it’s full house and another hour check, I would be out of the airport at almost 12am! So acommodation has to be really near the first few train stops or allow 24×7 check in. The other option is to stay at/near the airport – there are capsule hotels (also called coffin hotels).

Image source:

Public transport (bus & train) in Tokyo stops at midnight. Taxi will be more expensive.

Luckily my flight arrived at 10:10pm (20min earlier than ETA) and I was out of the immigration by 10:30pm. There were several counters open and at least 2-3 ppl guiding which counter to take. Once out of the airport -> Tourist Guide to get travel brochure and ask the best way to Hamamatsucho train station (Tokyo Hamatsucho Monorail – blue line). Friendly and helpful staff there would guide accordingly.

YouTube video: Official directions to the Tokyo-bound platform of Haneda Airport International Terminal Station


Booked accommodation from AirBnB and got the key from the mailbox. The place is small but ok for 1 person. Toilet and shower room.. wow. Even tighter than Hong Kong boutique hotel. I wonder how big or muscular ppl do their business @_@

Internet connection

Rented a portable wifi from TravelRecommends. I read the article that Marina Mahathir wrote for Zafigo and thought, the company must be a solid one and could be trusted. When I reached Tokyo’s Airbnb, I tried to turn it on but couldn’t: Error “Not In Order”. Tried reset, restart, tried another phone (I brought two phones in case of emergency) and another power plug – no go. I could use the AirBnB wifi, so it must not be my phone’s issue.

Where I stayed:


Day 1: Depart KLIA2 -> Haneda International Airport, Tokyo
Day 2: Hamamatsucho, Tokyo Dome City, Marunouchi
Day 3: Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, Condomania + Fun Shop, Kiddy Land, Hachiko statue in Shibuya station, Tokyo Tower, Shiba Park
Day 4: Daytrip to Kamakura, Tokyo-Marunouchi
Day 5: Tokyo Skytree, Asakusa, Meiji Jingu Gaien Garden, Shibuya, Odaiba & airport

Links that I had used & planning

Haneda Airpot – Trains & Monorails
Japan-Guide –  very detailed site, highlights of each location and places of interest, Kamakura.
Japan-Guide – Winter Illuminations in Tokyo
TokyoCheapo – Top 10 Picks for Best Tokyo Winter Illuminations 2016

Marunouchi – Bright Christmas [JP] / [Marunouchi Bright Christmas 2016 English]

Other links

Tokyo Dome City (English)
Go Tokyo – Be dazzled by Tokyo’s illumination displays
TimeOut Tokyo – Tokyo illuminations 2016-17
Visit Kamakura Stores – Autumn Walk (contains some pics from 2016 Autumn)
Kamakura Visitor’s Guide – Model Route
QK Kamakura

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