Tokyo Autumn 2016 – Day 3 – Meiji Shrine, Kiddyland, Shibuya & Tokyo Tower





This post will be updated in the future.

Harajuku – where young school teens hang out.

Sunset during autumn (fall) is early – about 5pm+ onwards depending on weather. On some days when I was in Tokyo, 6.30pm was already dark gray sky.

Meiji Shrine would close at 4.30pm and this was at 4pm! Still had some ppl walking towards the shrine.

There are a lot more ppl. This is almost closing time

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My colleague told me this was to store sake (beer):


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The leaves were mostly green but where the sun shone, the yellow leaves appeared bright yellow ;)

#autumnleaves #meijishrine

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There were lots of charms (omamori / ใŠๅฎˆใ‚Š) in Meiji Shrine but there’s no description of what it’s for in English on the charm itself. There is a book of what the charms are for in English – you can ask the staff. It’s not listed in website or brochure so the staff suggested that I take pic of the pages. If you are getting a lot of charms, they would give lots of small paper envelope/gift.

Pretty charms #charms #meijishrine #tokyo

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From top left to right: Yellow/gold – dangling charm & pouch are for good fortune. Red – Fortune, traffic safety. I think I got traffic safety but the pictures that I took from the book were so blur in my phone as I was rushing. If you know Japanese, pls help to read/translate in Comments below.
Bottom left to right: Green – traffic safety. There’s also green for quick recovery from illness or victory (I think I didn’t get this). Gold with white base – against evil/misfortune/disaster.

Since these were from a shrine, some ppl declined to accept them as souvenirs because they have different religion. Oh well, nvm, more for myself ;) DOUBLE PROTECTION AGAINST EVIL HOOOOYAH!

Yoyogi Park & Meiji Park are next to Meiji Shrine but it was sunset too soon.. So we headed to Kiddy Land.

From Meiji Shrine’s walk to Kiddy Land, we came upon Condomania + Fun Shop, which is not only about Condom & sex toys. I thought it would be sleazy and full of naked women pics for horny men. I was wrong.. Had some laughs there in the small shop, sorry we didn’t buy anything. There’s a gift of tissue printed as money. You’d feel very rich using such tissue for toilet business or to sneeze :p There are birthday gifts inside too (of course related to safe sex).

Really a funny shop โ˜บ #condomania

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Several floors of soft toys, anime, cartoon, deco, art/crafts, stationery, etc. Thought I’d never come out.

๐Ÿ˜‚ #godzilla #tshirt #kiddyland

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โœจ ๐ŸŒŸ ๐Ÿ“… #kiddyland #littletwinstars #cute #calendar #tokyo

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Imagine the older times when Hachiko, Shibuya Station was waiting for human everyday when human came home from work and then he waited for human when human didn’t turn up at home.. The place is now a very busy station with lots of people moving around.

Lots of fried stick food in small eateries here:

When I reached Hamamatsucho at almost midnight, I could still see Tokyo Tower from the train station. Tugging at my heart.. it looked near, so I walked over with limited Wifi (only at train station and random spots) and GPS. Passed by a shrine, I prayed they were in peace and hoped nobody jumped out or appeared in the middle of the road or followed me from behind (imagination overloaded).. The streets were mostly deserted. I saw someone cycling, two guys in a car stopped by roadside to take Tokyo Tower picture from far and a couple who came via taxi but the lights on the tower were still on.

#tokyotower the lights are still on at midnight and verrrrrry few ppl

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View from Shiba Park #tokyotower #shibapark #tokyo

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Tokyo Tower at 1am #tokyotower #tokyo #lights

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