Chinese New Year in Sungai Buloh Nursery

There are some pics from phone not uploaded yet, so this post will be updated in the future.

Went to Sungai (some spell it as Sungei) Buloh (Buluh) Nursery area and these are some of the plants that I managed to take pic. Some nurseries are more expensive, some grow the plants there, some source the plants from other plantations or other countries and I’m not paid or getting any free plant from this. Just sharing what I see and this time I bought plants from several nurseries to try it out. Since I keep my plants outdoor, mostly under the morning-noon sun and some shaded, I prefer to buy plants that can stand hot sun and rain – exceptions on succulents (keeping them away from rain & sorching sun).

It’s a first time for me to go to Sungai Buloh Nursery before Chinese New Year. I wanted to go to Selangor Green Lane nurseries but I thought I could hit this place first and then move to SGL later. As usual, once I’m in nursery, I get lost INSIDE nursery and take hours to exit.

Click on the pictures below to view full size image if they are not from @lessiefifisucculents via Instagram.

Fang Kiat Florist (1st one near the entrance) has some big plants that are sculptured – amazing! Normally I think colourful pebbles are just fluff, not serious gardening but when I see it like this, I think candy coloured pebbles are so pretty haha.

Suddenly thought of an idea: put candy coloured pebbles into empty pot without plants and plonk a solar light :)

Wonder how many months & years to do this:

A few long stalks of Pussy Willow (coloured and original) RM18. Those in pots and decorated with CNY stuff are much more expensive (the one above).

Further down the road.. there’s a “stall” selling orchids – all pretty in pics below (I’m not orchid expert). Anyone know the nursery name?

Jacky Lim Nursery

I think the red flower is Crown of Thorns/Euphorbia milli or sth similar to it. The pots are 3 for RM10 and small pots (left side – partially not visible in the pic, slightly smaller than the ones in the pic) are 4 for RM10. Slightly bigger pots are RM6/onwards. I’ve gotten some pots here that are short and wide, they are heavy and sturdy but of course, not smooth or refined but hey, only a few ringgit! The pots with holes are for orchid but I’m going to use it to plant succulent or sth that needs good drainage. Can poke a stalk of Purslane/Portulaca Grandiflora into the hole to propagate into fuller bloom plants.

Not sure which nursery these belong to. The Coleus is gorgeous! (1st pic):

Kedai Bunga Tan Siew Bee

Lot 505 (Leong Nursery)

I got one Angelonia (medium size) at RM5. Earlier I bought a dark purple Angelonia (big one) at RM20 (the foreign lady said it was RM25 originally). I consider small as .. succulent’s small size (RM4 in most Sg Buloh nuseries).

Natural Beauty Garden

Lantana is quite bushy and look healthy here (will know for sure in a few days). RM4.50 per plant (without plastic pot, comes in black plastic bag). There are 4 colours – light yellow-white, red-orange, orange-yellow and pink-yellow. I bought 3 plants here. The staff advised to give it full sun, daily water, weekly fertilizer and it will be blooming lots of flowers… and that I could exit at this end (the road further away from next nursery, Yoke Lin). Traffic jam happens INSIDE the nursery road everytime when there’s upcoming festival or weekends.

If you park beside the nursery/along the road, adjust the side mirror. Alternative parking is at the entrance – there’s grass area (near Fang Kiat) and some ppl park outside before turning in (along mainroad, which also has nurseries).

Don’t remember which nursery this is from but the cat is friendly enough to “meow” and let me pet it’s head :* The plants below are from Delima Tani (also in Selangor Green Lane) – Angelonia (purple flowers!)

Chiong Garden

I think this batch is from Chiong Garden. It has a wide area where plants are growing and I walked this area with a foreigner lady staff, who recommended all sorts of flower plants. Price is not cheap but I like the service and that the plants are grown outdoor under the sun.

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Good morning, Monday! #rose

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Yoke Lin NurseryΒ 

It’s at the end of the road before the road forked right to a huuge area of nursery (not sure belongs to which one) or to the left would be to Hospital Sungai Buloh (can see a pink building). Most cars would U-turn back to the entrance to exit slowly (traffic jam). Before Yoke Lin, there’s a road to Orange Asli settlement and possibly other nurseries?

It’s not very visible in the pic here but the Portulaca Grandiflora hybrid (pink-white batik) with Purslane’s flower is HUGE here. It’s RM4 per pot in black plastic bag/3 for RM10 if I remember correctly. I came to check it out after reading in a gardening group post in Facebook :D It’s really true but it only had 2 types available when I went on Sat Jan 21, so I didn’t buy any Portulaca.

There’s also Lantana here but they are shorter than Natural Beauty Garden.

Things to grab while in Sg Buloh Nursery – soil, fertilisers & pots. Some of the pots are really expensive while some are really cheap. You can ask for discount if buy a lot/$$$. Most of the big bag soil is RM10.


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