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Lumut-Ipoh trip Feb 2017 Day 1

Recently went to Swiss-Garden Beach Resort, Damai Laut and Ipoh with my friend-colleague and ex-colleague on a girls trip. The last time I had been to Damai Laut was probably 10yrs+ ago. We would depart from KL to up north. Earlier there was suggestion to go to Ipoh first, then to Lumut because someone thought we would reach Ipoh or Teluk Intan first before Lumut.

Ignore the distance & timing from KL. We departed from NorthWest KL.

kl-ipoh-sg kl-teluk-intan-sg
Comparison on the route: (left) KL -> Ipoh -> S-G and (right) KL -> Teluk Intan -> S-G.

The roads we took to go there and coming back to KL were different routes. Both routes (KL -> Teluk Intan -> S-G and SG -> another way) had lots of bumps and holes. The fastest we could drive was 60kmph. Ouch my car.

Our itenerary:

Day 1:

  1. Breakfast: McD nearby.
  2. Lunch: Lucky Anson Restaurant, Teluk Intan.
  3. Check-in Swiss-Garden Beach Resort, Damai Laut. They added one bed (FOC) for us (guess it was to compensate the flies complaint).
  4. Dinner: Horizon Garden Restaurant, Seri Manjung.
  5. Buy tomorrow’s breakfast & coffee/shopping: AEON Seri Manjung.

We stopped by Teluk Intan anyway, for lunch because there’s not much to eat in Lumut. I had checked Foursquare and TripAdvisor a few days earlier.

We were looking for chee cheong fun but the shops were already closed by late noon. Found this restaurant was still open and looked nice from outside. It’s famous for fish but we would be eating seafood for dinner.

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Mix vege is OK #luckyanson #perak #vegetarianfood

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Here’s the view from lobby when we were waiting to be checked-in. There’s a booth and board to find out about the activities (outsourced and within S-G). Warning: Lots of flies in the resort building & less @ beach. Persistent ones. Esp during humid weather.

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#balcony #swissgarden #damailaut #bungakertas #sea

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#colourfulleaves #swissgarden #damailaut

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We wanted to find out what are the activites we could book – we were directed and redirected to the next floor till we ended up at the beach. The 2 gals wanted to go snorkeling – they had never done it before and were looking forward to it. Btw, snorkeling is at Pangkor Islands/nearby, not in Lumut :) You can also head to Pangkor Laut (private resort) but must book reservation with the Pangkor Laut resort first.

So we headed back to the main building.

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View from staircase #damailaut #swissgarden

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Now we decided to check out the breakfast area because we still hoped to go snorkeling (more ppl sign up later and before tomorrow 9.30am). If we were to go snorkeling, it would make sense to eat breakfast here. If we were not going snorkeling, we could drive out to eat breakfast, eg. to Ipoh for the day.

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Some of the food prepared look gorgeous and… there were only one or two flies. The staff explained it was due to chicken farm nearby and they had tried lemongrass, pest lights, pest control .. What a shame because the place was not ugly and though the rooms were kinda old-out dated (or classic), the place was (and is) surrounded by nature and not packed with ppl.

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Grayish Green trees #swissgarden #damailaut #trees

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Find the bee šŸ #bungakertas #bee

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Sunset yesterday #sunset #perak #sitiawan #travel

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Dinner was at classy & beautifully decorated restaurant – excellent service!

If you drop by, the kacang is only RM5 and the glass bottle is sturdy! You can eat and use the glass again. Donate pls!

The staffs would top up Chinese tea and scoop rice constantly. Love the prawn sauce though it must be eaten with rice – hence, multiple helpings to rice…

There is AEON Seri Manjung nearby the restaurant (we passed by earlier) and the place has 2 floors (Ground & First floor) – we were amazed by the size of it! One of the tennants, My Home One, sells very affordable household and clothes. This owl pillow cover reminds me of Phuket bags :)

There’s Kaison!

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šŸ»šŸ¦šŸ„#softtoy #kaison

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We didn’t see any monkey within the resort. There was a group on the road as we were driving out but nobody attacked us.

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