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Korea Spring – Seoul Day 1 – N Seoul Tower

People walk up to N (Namsan) Seoul Tower and there are Namsan Sunhwan shuttle bus, Seoul city tour bus (we took this) and cable car. General cars are not allowed into Namsan Mountain where the tower is and parking is nearby (not really nearby as you have to walk up). Refer: N Seoul Tower – getting here

There are performances at the entrance, some restaurants & coffee places and only entrance to the Observatory is chargeable – refer

When the drummers move around, the hat string moves in circular motion non-stop.

Fighting performance – a mix of comedy and action:

Hanbok Culture Experience Center (indoor) in this tower is chargeable for entry. This one at the deck, just outside of the experience center. Beautiful traditional gowns inside (not pictured coz I didn’t pay):

Close up on one of the gowns:

There is free hanbok to try – not sure for how long and you must return it. These ladies are admiring the skirt. Sporting ahjumma:

No more cherry blossom, except on the ground:

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Fallen cherry blossom 🌸 #nseoultower

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You know why couples love to come here?

This post will be updated in the future as I upload more pics into Instagram. More pics in @justinelmj and @justinelmj_garden

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