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Korea Spring – food & stuff

What’s cheap in KR compared to JP or MY?

Seoul Station at night. Lotte Outlets – nothing much to me since I’m not into branded goods. Lotte Mart, now that’s different story! It’s just next door to Lotte Outlets and the company was having Anniversary sale! Buy 10 Free 10 mask! There were some skincare & makeup at realllllly cheap $ :D


























Have you ever seen ppl shop in trolley FOR COSMETICS?!





























There’s free hardpaper carton box and tapes in Lotte Mart for customers who want to buy lots of stuff and pack home.

Cosmetics & Skincare!
Food is almost double the price of JP & 3-4xMY. Partly due to MY currency drop recently.
Accommodation is affordable, bigger space & utilities compared to JP’s Airbnb.
Transportation $ is similar within city.



















































Night time at Culture Station Seoul, next to Seoul Station:




























Softtoys, souvenirs

They look very squeezeable.. but after conversion, it’s like RM80. OK, skip.
















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Pretty post cards and stickers

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We ate several times in Seoul Station food court. Food is decent, you can fill up water and most of the food price range is 10K Won (about RM40). FOR FOOD COURT! They come with 3 side dishes or 2 side dishes + soup.


















Choc at Jeju

One of the breakfast we had. We thought it was cheap. Turned out another place nearby had cheaper breakfast and tastier. The coffee (Angel-In-Us) smells great from far..















Black face staff service (the other staff was ok) at Bulgogi Brothers. Food was ok.

















IFC Mall has quiet food court but the food are ok. I couldn’t eat another Korean food anymore.














Paris Baguette is EVERYWHERE.













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After Changdeokgung palace, we got lost at train station exit and ran to our reserved lunch:









It’s about RM79 or 80 per person for buffet lunch on Sunday. Not sure about the price for other days. Considering food court lunch at train station is RM40, this is not expensive since it’s buffet, mix of local food, salad, desserts, limited porridge type and the service is good. It’s just that once we convert, FOOD IS VERY EXPENSIVE, partially due to our currency! :O








Traditional clothes/Hanbok

Some people wear traditional clothes for photography + free entrance to palaces:












We passed by this everyday since we stayed very near Seoul Station.






If you are not buying over RM100 stuff, don’t bother going for Tax Refund. You’ll just get back a few RM.


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