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Korea Spring – Seoul – Insa-Dong & Cheonggyecheon Stream

When we were nearby, we found lots of stalls opened by senior citizens. As we reached Insa-Dong Art Street, there were more youngsters.

Souvenirs here can be slightly expensive. You can bargain if buy several or pay together with a group of friends/family. Some shops may sell it at 1K Won cheaper. I had a lady who spoke good English, memorized script to buy amethyst. You know Korea famous for amethyst. This is real *swipe her palm over the purple stones that look suspiciously like plastic and glass*. You don’t want? Nevermind. I admire her persistence, repeating the same for next customer.

Then there are those that became your good friend and offer you “good price”. You buy 3. I give you X price. You buy 1 normal price. Actually the price was already hiked up. After discount, it’s the same price as a shop further down the road without discount. But that aunty was very friendly, ok lah.

Oh yeah, there are shops selling celebrities autograph and poster here.

We had tasty & affordable dinner here. Found this place via Foursquare.

Feet hurt. Heart itching to go to Cheonggyecheon. Finally decided to go myself. The others wanted to go shopping in Lotte Mart again.

There was Buddha-theme for it was near Wesak.

Before I exit the stream via a staircase:

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