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Korea Spring – Seoul – Changdeokgung

This is the last palace we went to. We had missed this palace on Seoul City Bus Tour, so we went on another day. If you plan to visit palaces on different days, best to get the Combined Palaces ticket instead of ala-carte tickets (buy ticket at each palace) coz it will be slightly cheaper.

This Changdeokgung has Huwon Secret Garden and the garden entry is MORE expensive than the palace itself. I didn’t manage to finish visiting this place. I think this is more to palace + garden vs organized pure garden like Jeju’s Yeomiji Botanical Garden and/or Gapyeong’s Garden of Morning Calm.

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Love the painted teal roof #palace #seoul #travel

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My favourite palace mostly because it has teal roof! I lost my flower hairband here though :(

My friend and I were practically running to the Garden and in the Garden :D We had only less than 1 hr to walk around here before meeting with the group as we have to take train to eat lunch with my Korean colleague, who had been so kind to reserve a restaurant earlier *breathe out*.

This place is HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE! Need at least 2hrs here. For me, I think I’ll need 4-5 hrs here to walk leisurely & take pics of the plants & scenery. Imagine how the royalties lived. They’d need horses or ppl to carry them?

At one point, there was nobody. Were we lost? Then a lady came out. We were not lost sigh ;) It’ll be more colourful during autumn/fall.

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