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Cameron Highlands – Cactus Point

Cactus Point has a big area for parking and buying (free entrance) succulents and potted plants. There is also a section of old electronics and Buddhism brochures. A souvenir area was deserted when I went – mostly plastic and deco stuff. Why get plastic when you can get real plants right? :)

Traffic jam going North is horrible in Cameron Highlands. So if you want to go up North, do it before 9.30am in the weekends/Public Holidays because a lot of ppl would go North to markets and travelling spots!

I took taxi from Brinchang (where the old night market area was, near Balai Bomba/Fire brigade) to Cactus Point for RM15 coz the taxi driver said would be jam at around 10sth am and true enough, within a few minutes on the road, jam started for us! Taxi driver kept complaining that he wouldn’t have agreed to pick me up if he had known. Well, too bad for you, you / colleague was the one who said RM15, regardless of duration in the ride. The normal rate for 1hr taxi is RM25 in CH.

He told me he would let me go off. I told him drop me off then but he said nvm, continued on… and continued to complain. I find this is bad attitude. The taxi charges in Cameron Highlands are already high. About 1km = RM10 without traffic jam. That’s the distance between Brinchang square (Pasaraya Jimat and bus/taxi stand) to Tanah Rata bus station! In KL, I can go at least a few km with RM10 Uber/Grab. There’s also 0 Uber/Grab here.

Anyway, when I reached Pasar Borong Sakan, I left the taxi even though we hadn’t reached Cactus Point yet and gave him RM15. I would not get into this guy’s taxi again unless desperate and walked up, passing by cars n buses stuck in jam.

I saw tiny house deco that’s exactly the same as Daiso (RM5.90) and similar deco for minigarden vs here (RM2-4).


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