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Cameron Highlands – Cactus Valley

I bought bus ticket at BTS train station (Bandar Tasek/Tasik Selatan) – there were lots of counters and all sell the same companies so one doesn’t have to worry about queueing for a specific company only. Within 30min, I got into the bus. This was on non-Public Holiday weekday. If one wanted to buy for weekend tickets, always buy at least a few days in advance! If it’s on Public Holiday(s), buy at least a few weeks earlier.

For ticket to come back to KL, I decided to wait till Sat to check it out because I might go to Ipoh or any station in Perak instead. Check out from hotel would be on Sun. My mistake. A lot of tickets were SOLD OUT by Sat night!

Anyway, I managed to get the last or 2nd last night for 1pm sth bus on Sunday or I would have reached KL late at night. Might as well stay another night and go home on Monday.. I had downloaded CatchThatBus app and bought it with “WELCOME” voucher/discount code. Easy, just show your ticket from the app, don’t need to print ticket. There are other websites where you can buy tickets online too if you don’t want to go to the bus station to buy physically.


Here’s the entrance. This was after 12pm I think but the sky was grayish.

You may have seen this in Instagram, Pininterest or Facebook from other ppl who had been to Cactus Valley. Entrance to Cactus Valley is RM5 for adult, RM3 for child. If you have gardening or succulent/cactus, I think it’s worth the price considering we spend way much more on gardening at home. However, if you don’t want to pay to view the display (below), you should go to other nurseries/places selling plants instead – I went to some of them and post when free.

There is an area on the left of the 1st pic where plants are sold (pic above) – entry is free. Right side is the ticketing booth and there’s a staircase to chargeable area. Center is the road to Big Red Strawberry Farm and you’ll pass by selling floor on your left if you are coming from this entrance.

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🌵 🌵 🌵 Cactus Valley has lots of Cactus, even if a lot of them are from the same species. It is not well maintained in some areas with some parts of the plants dried, rot, unhealthy n a few w pest. Entry is RM5 for adult, 3 for child. Huge place. It also has some flowers and other plants than cactus, very few % of other succulents. Mini succs are RM2 each and the area to buy plants doesn't hv any entry charges, it's next to ticket counter. There r flower plants too but before u buy a lot here, check out further north a few minutes to Big Red Strawberry Farm to compare #succulents #cactus #cactusvalley #brinchang #cameronhighlands #travel #pahang #placestogo #bigredstrawberryfarm #malaysia

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Btw, Cactus Valley and Cactus Point are 2 different places though both are in Cameron Highlands.



This pretty blue-gray:

There are more pics in @justinelmj_garden (Instagram).

I thought of eating in Cactus View Restaurant, which is next to Cactus Valley but it looked so dilapidated and closed..

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