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Joseph Murphy – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Revised Edition

The version that I read was revised by Ian McMahan, year 2000. There’s another 2007 publication (link @ bottom of this post). It’s plain blue cover with yellow and white fonts do not impress me. Looks like those get rich scheme and cannot be trusted authors promoting their books online. But once I read the… Continue reading Joseph Murphy – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, Revised Edition

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Right 4U Cafe

After paying for 2 books at Big Bookshop clearance sale, we were undecided where to eat. In Atria, there are Delifrance, KFC and … I don’t know what. I said, “KFC ok?” “OK la.” “Err.. got McD’s?” “No..” KFC didn’t look appetizing then. Lynnee suggested, “There’s 1 place where the food is for your blood… Continue reading Right 4U Cafe

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Linda Goodman’s Star Signs

The book Linda Goodman – Sun Signs I am reading? It’s actually Star Signs. Duh! No wonder.. I remembered Sun Signs was about Virgo, Aries, all that.. Read so much about Nikola Tesla for AC (Alternate Current) here. Mom said in The Prestige, he was mentioned too, for creating a machine that enables copy of… Continue reading Linda Goodman’s Star Signs


Sharon Sala – Whippoorwill

I was reading this book while I was waiting for the Komuter train after work. Roger saw me and joined me, sitting on the floor against the wall. We were both tired from standing whole day. “What are you reading?” he asked. “So into the book, I see.” “Mmm.. story. About a prostitute and the… Continue reading Sharon Sala – Whippoorwill