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Out with the old

Clearing out clutter. It’s at the back of my mind, always haunting me but I’d been procastinating. Bad, bad. Finally, I had time. Ok, the previous times were all mostly excuses. I found 2 song books from primary and secondary. I was more diligent writing lyrics than studying, from what I saw in the song… Continue reading Out with the old


Rachel Gibson – Sex, Lies and Online Dating

Rachel Gibson Ooo, I love reading this at 1st. It’s funny and the lines sprouted by the characters – especially the best friends are unpredictable. But as I read more pages – I’m already about half of the book – I skipped some narration. Love the cover and the starting of each chapter – it… Continue reading Rachel Gibson – Sex, Lies and Online Dating


Sherrilyn Kenyon – Sins of the Night

About Dark Hunters and others. Sherrilyn Kenyon‘s vampire series almost didn’t get published! Oh, I love this book! :D Sure, sometimes I have to reread to understand what the characters were saying but there are so many twists in this book! Plus, the blond guy looks smoldering in the cover! *drool*

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Diane Mott Davidson – Double Shot

This book has recipes, as with all books by Diane. The starting was ok, not catchy but still readable. Till I reached the 3/4. Yikes. |-zzz I couldn’t open my eyes or my brain to decipher whodunit.  I skipped to the back. Mystery solved. Turn to a few pages in front to read the explaination… Continue reading Diane Mott Davidson – Double Shot


Gennita Low – Sleeping with the Agent

Currently reading Gennita Low – Sleeping with the Agent. Interesting. Had been reading lots of funny romances that I need a dose of thriller investigation. Her blog’s at A Low Profile. Ha? She’s from Malaysia. Excerpt: He liked the way she felt in his arms. The music was a little slower than the song before,… Continue reading Gennita Low – Sleeping with the Agent


Sarah O’Brien – Gazumped!

Sarah O’Brien – Gazumped! It IS more interesting. I hadn’t read that many books that the heroine, Ellen Grace have multiple affairs with men! :) Sth different, this. Usually heroines fall in love with the hero & vice versa – they know they love the hero but this? This heroine is soo confused! Now that… Continue reading Sarah O’Brien – Gazumped!