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Performance != salary

For the first few days of work, it was a breeze to relearn the applications & processes. Then 1 of us resigned because there was no way he could get promoted up unless someone leave. So, the remaining people in the team had to take his work load. I took the more volume, another colleague… Continue reading Performance != salary

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Different kind of Customer Support

Position: Customer Support Company: MNC Field: IT, Customer Support, Sales Industry: IT Location: colourful interior deco Someone I had worked with but never met (at least, I didn’t remember meeting them) requested my resume and I was called for interview with a manager. The role is similar to what I had done. The interviewer was… Continue reading Different kind of Customer Support

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When you didn’t get any news after interview

Applying jobs BlackHairedGal told me, “I’m waiting for [this local but quite big company into retail, holiday] to call me. I applied Vacation Consultant there.” “Ohh.. How?” I asked. “Apply online.” “You know I applied many jobs online and only a handful called me for interview? They only call a few people for interview for… Continue reading When you didn’t get any news after interview

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Being grateful

There are times when we get so angry, frustrated and jealous at what other people have but we don’t. Why does she have so many guys chasing her, why does he get the promotion, why does she get higher marks, why wasn’t the report done yesterday? We wished for something more, we moan, “Why me?”… Continue reading Being grateful

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Where’s the interviewer?

Position: Property Exec Company: Local Field: Real estate, sales, admin Industry: Real estate Location: In a hotelroom! Going up I had an interview at a property management company and the office was inside a shopping mall attached with business suites, apartment and hotel rooms! In fact, when I pressed on the office’s floor, the small… Continue reading Where’s the interviewer?

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Who give up?

When you know of a vacancy, do you ask for the JD (job desc) to check if you want to apply or send your resume first? Mmm.. what’s the difference actually? If the employer sees your resume but finds that you are not suitable, you are out. If the employee sees the JD but finds… Continue reading Who give up?

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Interview for Management Trainee

Position: Management Trainee Company: Local Field: sales, retail, management Industry: Marketing & Customer Service Location: KL town where the buildings are rented RM6-8/square feet. (Lack of) Preparation before interview  It’s my practice to try to reach the destination 1/2hr before the scheduled interview so that I still have time in case the train is late/doesn’t… Continue reading Interview for Management Trainee