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Didn’t you notice that?

At work, a colleague (C) asked me something that was not 100% under my governance and I told C to refer to the actual “governor”. Once C heard the “governor’s” name, C decided that C needn’t ask the governor but just inform governor what C wants to do. I felt that was disrespectful. Though the governor maybe new, whatever new process that relates to governor’s work, C should ask for opinion for there are impacts on areas that C or I or even governor may not be aware of.

So I told C, “Don’t bully G.”

“I don’t bully G. I treat her nicely. Didn’t you notice that I talk to her nicer than I talk with you?”

Whoa.. I thought about it. Yeah, C does talk nicer to G though sometimes C was sarcastic to G as well and G noticed this too. Was it my bad that caused C to treat me like this? Maybe.. G is a sweet looker. C is not a sweet looker :p I wanted to tell him that’s because G’s a pretty gal and I treat G nicer than I to you too but I didn’t want to hurt C’s feelings.

Then I remembered why this question sounded so familiar. Didn’t you notice that..?

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You = team lead and you don’t know? Duh!

If you were a manager/team lead/supervisor, arm yourself with knowledge on what your team is doing, supposed to do and how it’s being measured on from the start. Not at the end of the race. Make sure the whole team understands and know the impact of their actions as well (how and why).

Asking after 8 months of the target had started, “Why is my metric suddenly red?” when it had been on-off red recently and, “How is it calculated?” when it had been communicated through meetings and emails months before, repeatedly = shows you are a pathetic leader.

“Ah… no time lah. Hv to do this. Do that. You think I’m superman meh?”

Oh. You overlooked. That’s really an excuse, not a reason when it’s been months.

As leader, we should strive to be at the best of our game and if we can’t handle the workload and pressure at our current level, how are we going to be promoted and enjoy better perks?

A blur manager will always be looked down by peers and sub-ordinates. Never mind that the high level managers (blur manager’s manager or higher managers) like this blur manager. The operations are still run by front level and sub-ordinates. They will perform their tasks begrudgingly sometimes and when there’s lack of respect, there could be anarchy when you want them to do things your way.

When subs respect their managers, managers in turn get a smoother operation and need less time and effort to manage daily activities.

See the good points? A lazy person will say this is easier said than done. A proactive person will start thinking of what to improve on and learn how to make the team stronger.

To the blur team lead: Yeah. I asked your manager why you didn’t know the target when it’s already 8 months and you are the team lead.

No need to thank me repeatedly and chant, “So next time I cannot ask you questions lah.”

So go figure out. Why your team is red? What is the target? What is included and excluded? How do we move up? Do your job.


Cydia down earlier?

Wanted to download some SMS theme from Cydia but saw this msg. Wow. Saurik’s brain is incredible (coming up with apps & stuff) and he’s working his ass off to bring Cydia fully up again. It’s amazing there are incredibly smart people creating new technology that enhances our lives. Can you imagine life without Internet & smartphone? I wouldn’t even think of getting only a basic handphone!




No wonder I had foursquare server error yesterday…


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