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7 random facts about myself

Tagged from Shirley’s Photo Journal 1. I am still wearing braces on my lower set of teeth. 2. I can bend my thumbs backwards 45°. 3. I believe in reincarnation. 4. I have dreams of otherworlds. 5. I wish there would truely be peace and love on Earth. 6. I regret that I eat animals… Continue reading 7 random facts about myself

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Who’s the Pendatang?

The only original citizens of Malaysia are Orang Asli. The rest of us had ancestors coming from all over the world. So why the bias that certain races get discounts in buying house & cars, lower passing rate in education exams? Kuda Ranggi – Antara pendatang dan penumpang [Bahasa Malaysia or it it?] Scottthong –… Continue reading Who’s the Pendatang?

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For a person who loves food and have a history of gastric when witholding from eating or being gluttony, I can’t NOT eat within 4hrs. I imagine it must be really hard for Muslims to get up way earlier than usual and have to eat enough to last till evening, then work without lunch or… Continue reading Puasa

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Outrageous robbers

A few months back, my street & neighbouring street had break ins. Repeatedly & consecutively! Brother’s camping stick is handy now. Now, where was Gem’s cyan whistle given to me on a New Year’s Eve? The robbers would just break into the home even when there were people inside the home. We were fed up… Continue reading Outrageous robbers

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Higher living costs

Do you pride yourself being rich & cultured when you are staying in higher living costs places? Petrol hike was announced this evening, right after work and there were traffic jams around petrol stations. Seriously, how much could anyone save in a session of petrol pump? 1 meal? To wait for so long for your… Continue reading Higher living costs

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Vote in pencil?

I saw a cartoon on the ink issue for election. When I went for the voting, I saw a pencil tied to the box. What? Pencil? Are we still in primary school or amateur secondary school? We only use pencil when we are children (because we are learning & make lots of mistakes) and when… Continue reading Vote in pencil?

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Money for donation

The best place to ask for donation is to stand outside the bank or ATM. If you are withdrawing or depositing money, you’ll feel terrible because you have easy access to $ for yourself. And the person asking for donation. Usually I just say, “Thanks” if sales people approach me for donation. How do you… Continue reading Money for donation