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Eminem feat Rihanna – Love the Way You Lie

Love the music tunes and the background. However, is Rihanna degrading herself further cooing “I love the way you lie”? The woman gets herself abused and she loved it? Is she a sadist or what? Being abused by Chris Brown is not enough? Eminem has sung about killing & hurting women before. The lyrics (not in… Continue reading Eminem feat Rihanna – Love the Way You Lie

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Dear Doctor (2009)

Watched this yesterday in 1Utama during the Japan Film Festival in GSC. Too bad this Japanese film festival doesn’t last as long as the previous International film festival – French for 2 weeks but the good thing is it’s RM5 only instead of RM10-RM11 for watching the French-cheese take off their clothes and get censored… Continue reading Dear Doctor (2009)

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Ip Man (2008) review

The other day at lunch, my colleagues and I were sitting at the pantry. The Star was open on the table and we were suddenly discussing about the current movies in cinemas like Bolt and The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) One of the Malay engineers asked, “I.P. (Internet Protocol) Man?” I work at… Continue reading Ip Man (2008) review


The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) review

Keanu is back as alien, Klaatu. Good character for his wooden/cool expressions. That’s not really true. He did scowl in Constantine and he made The Matrix cool. Rottentomatoes – The Day the Earth Stood Still The poster has 1/2 of his face, with green iris. His character actually has brown eyes in the movie or… Continue reading The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) review


Twilight (2008) review

Robert Pattinson was preppy, gorgeous in Harry Potter. That was the 1 time HP had a handsome guy. No offense, Daniel. Here, his white eyes at the bottom are more apparent. Pair it with red eyes (when vampires are hungry), he looks even more like a vampire. Stephanie Meyer – Twilight movie Had read reviews… Continue reading Twilight (2008) review


Vampire Knight Episode 5

I have a new addiction: Vampire Knight anime :) It’s funny and the graphics are like watching a movie. Yuuki so sweet to help Zero Zero stunned by a piece of jewellery Yuuki’s father (Chairman of Cross Academy) looks like a young lady & he’s very idealistic. A former Vampire Hunter, he now hopes to… Continue reading Vampire Knight Episode 5