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Didn’t you notice that?

At work, a colleague (C) asked me something that was not 100% under my governance and I told C to refer to the actual “governor”. Once C heard the “governor’s” name, C decided that C needn’t ask the governor but just inform governor what C wants to do. I felt that was disrespectful. Though the governor maybe new, whatever new process that relates to governor’s work, C should ask for opinion for there are impacts on areas that C or I or even governor may not be aware of.

So I told C, “Don’t bully G.”

“I don’t bully G. I treat her nicely. Didn’t you notice that I talk to her nicer than I talk with you?”

Whoa.. I thought about it. Yeah, C does talk nicer to G though sometimes C was sarcastic to G as well and G noticed this too. Was it my bad that caused C to treat me like this? Maybe.. G is a sweet looker. C is not a sweet looker :p I wanted to tell him that’s because G’s a pretty gal and I treat G nicer than I to you too but I didn’t want to hurt C’s feelings.

Then I remembered why this question sounded so familiar. Didn’t you notice that..?

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Ops, forgot your wedding

Lately I had several weddings.. I know, I’m at the age where most of my friends are either married or dating. Only a few rare gems are single. Like me :p

I have a friend whom I shall not tell her actual name (I don’t want her hitting me when we bump into each other). For she could’ve found this blog somewhere on the internet considering it’s soo famous. Not.

Anyway. She, T. Is an amazing and kind friend. Gotta praise first before the blow… What happened was, our mutual friend, S, was getting married after years of dating her straight-laced, nice & serious financial boyfriend. So I was tentative about going to the wedding since S only sent Facebook invitation to her wedding. T exclaimed, “We must go! Let’s go together!” Well, then .. o kay.

On that evening of the wedding dinner, I texted T to let her know where to find parking as we were going separately by transport. A few minutes later, I called her and guess what? She was in a business dinner and nowehere prepared coz she had forgotten about it! She said she’d call S to apologize but as far as I know from S, T didn’t even call or texted her to inform that she couldn’t make it or apologized for not turning up. Needless to say, our Chinese New Year meet up didn’t include T.

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Rapport with colleagues

People who work with other people, yeah your colleagues. Some may lighten your days, some may kill you with their
“special” way of working.

In my work, there’s a manager who doesn’t smile at others or even look when he passes by. One of the part timers, a lady who is quite fierce and had worked in our dept before decided to greet him everytime she sees him. After a few times of 1 sided greeting, he finally greeted her first! She was mighty happy, she broke The Unfriendly Manager.

As time goes by, this manager became more friendly and jokes with us. He still doesn’t greet other ppl but that’s ok.

It’s good to have rapport with people you work with. Feels happy that we are working towards the same outcome.


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