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Korea Spring – food & stuff

What’s cheap in KR compared to JP or MY? Seoul Station at night. Lotte Outlets – nothing much to me since I’m not into branded goods. Lotte Mart, now that’s different story! It’s just next door to Lotte Outlets and the company was having Anniversary sale! Buy 10 Free 10 mask! There were some skincare… Continue reading Korea Spring – food & stuff

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Raya Holidays @ Cameron Highlands 7

That night, we went to pasar malam but my side (Jim, Young Gal and I) had to go back to the apartment to boil the soup to prepare for dinner. I hadn’t finished walking the pasar malam but the stalls were pretty much the same. When we reached the apartment, Jim and YoungGal fished for… Continue reading Raya Holidays @ Cameron Highlands 7

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Sex pictures in computer

This is not even new – taking pictures while having sex – but the Chinese media is having a field day with Edison Chen sex scandal with several famous celebrities. Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and countless public figures had experienced this before and they didn’t try to commit suicide or quit the entertainment business. But… Continue reading Sex pictures in computer

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Steps on rooftop

A few midnights ago, I heard some weird noise of something heavier than the stray cats that like to find holes for their kittens on my house’s rooftop. It sounded like someone was walking from the front to the back, then some sawing/cutting sound on cords. I immediately grabbed brother’s walking stick and switched on… Continue reading Steps on rooftop

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Bursa Seminar

Went for Bursa’s free seminar last Sat @ Bursa. I had registered for Bursa Saham bursapursuit Investment Challenge but had no idea how to play. Thought it would taught me how to play in Bursa Pursuit. I took Metro bus from KL somewhere near Bangkok Bank and waited impatiently for the bus to move from… Continue reading Bursa Seminar

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Got an email with video on European sharking. Last year was Japanese sharking. Sharking refers to a form of malicious and illegal act in which the perpetrator sneaks up on a victim, usually female, in a public area and forcefully exposes the victim’s intimate parts to be seen by the public before running away. While… Continue reading Sharking

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Ugly Betty – Episode 10 – Fake Plastic Snow

I missed the starting of Ugly Betty Episode 10! And when my dog barked at a cat passing by outside, I missed some scenes! Arrhhh..! Thank goodness for reruns! I caught the missed scenes. Except the dream!!! So here I am searching in Television Without Pity and YouTube for the starting of this episode. Right… Continue reading Ugly Betty – Episode 10 – Fake Plastic Snow