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Checking eyes

Yesterday, I took Annual Leave to check eyes with specialist. Had been going there for every year consistently since 2002 except I skipped last year. I’m already past 25 but my eyesight power still decreases. I woke up 5 minutes earlier than usual and the 3 of us – mom, bro & I went to… Continue reading Checking eyes

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Grandmother hospitalized

Grandmother used to live with her eldest daughter and took care of her grandsons, 1 who is kind & the other incredibly clever. She had been getting sick with diabetes and high blood pressure but never put herself into strict diet. Living in a flat, she had thrown tantrums when aunt couldn’t bring the things… Continue reading Grandmother hospitalized

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Outrageous robbers

A few months back, my street & neighbouring street had break ins. Repeatedly & consecutively! Brother’s camping stick is handy now. Now, where was Gem’s cyan whistle given to me on a New Year’s Eve? The robbers would just break into the home even when there were people inside the home. We were fed up… Continue reading Outrageous robbers

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Happy Mother’s Day

Today’s the day I broke my only bland food from diet for health reason :D King’s Confectionery Mon Cherie – choc, cream cheese, dark cherries, strawberries Not much cheese flavour, the choc cake is hard but there are some nuts. It tasted nice to me. Maybe coz I had been eating white bread & wholemeal… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day

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Chinese New Year is all about food

Got home and found a box of yellow-gold wrapped rectangle box on the table. From my “cousin” and insurance agent. That’s how insurance agent or salespeople maintain relationship with customers. A cute, small angpao too! Huiyo, comes with Quality Seal! The types of choc Whoa… mouth watering yes? Those mix white & choc looked delicious.… Continue reading Chinese New Year is all about food

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Peppermint Bark

The box is pretty. Can store jewelleries & small gifts. Crunched Peppermint, creamy vanilla & luscious dark choc Each bar is wrapped in plastic. They are both super hard. Have to use the heavy big knife to chomp them. SUPER sweet. I prefer the dark choc (coz it’s not so sweet) but the vanilla’s ok… Continue reading Peppermint Bark

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Reese’s Big Cup

Bro got back from US and bought over RM200 of chocolate from there! He had stored all of them in the fridge and I, being a good person I am, ahem, didn’t eat them up without asking him. Since I was tired and had been fed lots of good food at work, I had no… Continue reading Reese’s Big Cup