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appsfire (free)

appsfire (2) appsfire (3) appsfire (4)

appsfire lists the top Now Free, Top Free & Price Drops applications in thumbnails. Loading is quite fast but the rows move by cells so you may need to slide it to the app you are interested in.

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Dream Bride (free)

As it’s free, there are very limited choices except for hairstyles. Though there’s bouquet in the loading, there’s no choice for bouquet :( The loading app looks simple & sweet..

Dream Bride (6)Dream Bride (4)  Dream Bride (5)

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iPhone – Period (P) Tracker Lite

When my male colleague asked me what app is good to
install, I immediately recommended Period (P) Tracker *thumbs up on
both hands*! LOL Told him can use it for his girlfriend to prevent
pregnancy :p He’s single. Not sure looking for girlfriend or not..
Period Tracker Lite (5) Period Tracker Lite (1) Pretty! Once installed & opened (2nd icon
on 2nd row), tap on Period Day 1 to add your 1st Period Day. If
it’s not your 1st Day, you can change it later or you can go
directly to Calendar at the bottom navigation. There’s also a paid
version (not in this review yet) called Period Tracker Deluxe (may
appear as P Tracker Deluxe). In a play for words, there’s any Penis
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