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Bursa Seminar

Went for Bursa’s free seminar last Sat @ Bursa. I had registered for Bursa Saham bursapursuit Investment Challenge but had no idea how to play. Thought it would taught me how to play in Bursa Pursuit. I took Metro bus from KL somewhere near Bangkok Bank and waited impatiently for the bus to move from… Continue reading Bursa Seminar

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Smart Traders Seminar (Updated)

Thurs 10 May 2007 Armada Hotel Speaker: Aaron Sim Like PowerUp – Rule the Stock Market Workshop, those who have registered before the workshop/seminar starts would get a reminder from the organizer about the date, time and venue. This is an attentive feature to ensure you turn up. Actually, we were supposed to be at… Continue reading Smart Traders Seminar (Updated)


PowerUp – Rule the Stock Market Workshop

Last Friday, I almost dozed off on a leather chair @ Borders, Times Square! It wasn’t because the books I was browsing – reading would’ve taken more brain & eyes power which I didn’t have enough then – were boring. They had colourful pictures of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, fetching decorative pieces made from Swarovski crystals,… Continue reading PowerUp – Rule the Stock Market Workshop