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Lost/Stolen purse in 1Utama (along with other stuffs)

Forgot to take my pink purse (a birthday present from friends) from the Ladies toilet in 2nd floor near MPH & Sushi Zanmai, new wing of One Utama. Came back for the stall immediately when I realized it in front of Zanmai and it was gone. There was a lady inside and when she came out, I checked the metal “rack” was empty.

For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the girl’s face or clothing who came into the stall after me!

There were RHB Debit card, Maybank & CIMB ATM cards, Touch N Go, IC, driving license and several membership cards, about RM500 (either for parents or part of car loan damnnit), eye drop and lipstick. Immediately I asked the cleaner who was helpful but said nobody found anything. Then I went down to report at the Info counter and the young guy asked me, “Who stole it?”

Didn’t they train Info counter staffs on how to handle robbery/thieving cases? You should ask, “Did you see who steal it?” or “Can you explain what happened?” At least he called Security guys right away and gave the Security & Safety Dept complaint form.

The Security guys came and told me they would call me if they get any news. I asked to see CCTV and the guy told me I had to report police. “Police will check CCTV, you cannot.” There’s such thing? When my camera & wallet were stolen in Bangkok, the shopping mall’s security allowed me to view the CCTV after reporting to the mall’s security.

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e-filing income tax

Dateline to submit income tax coming soon! Have you filed yours with e-filing [Eng|BM]?

For 1st timers or if you need any guide:

Went to Sogo today..

Had always been to Sogo by Kommuter train and just needed to walk on the wide step, white bridge that looked great outside (Islamic architecture?) but sucks to walk because the steps are just too much distance next.

Now that I prefer to drive, I usually park in Maju Junction – RM3 per entrance, I think. This time, I parked in Sogo.

RM3 for 1st hour and the next hours are charged as well.

Sogo parking (1)

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