Delicious, BSC lunch

The only constant food when colleagues & I go to Delicious would be the pesto (green spaghetti) & Pavlova (strawberry & cream cheese in hard “thing” at the bottom). The other day, I tried Red Velvet as our ex-colleague had sweeten us up with her homemade version. This 1 from Delicious? Couldn’t top up my… Continue reading Delicious, BSC lunch


The Han Room lunch

Celebrated my belated birthday with mom last weekend and I wanted to try Delectable but found out it was only a side shop and the food=cakes & biscuits only :/ I had cakes for almost everyday on the birthday week. So we headed to Han Room, behind LV in The Gardens, Mid Valley. Had been… Continue reading The Han Room lunch

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Pulau Ketam

After eating at Boon Tat Seafood Restaurant, I wanted to watch movie but my other colleague insisted to take me to Pulau Ketam!   There’s a school, which looked very new with the colourful paint. Actually I was drawn to the statue but you can’t see it clearly here. Can you see the crow among… Continue reading Pulau Ketam

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Boon Tat Seafood Restaurant

There was a public holiday and a small group of colleagues decided to go to Pulau Ketam to eat seafood but I was late and the couple had to leave early. So while waiting for the boat, we decided to eat seafood at Klang instead.    The prawn was big, soft & spicy!!! The herbal… Continue reading Boon Tat Seafood Restaurant

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The Ming Room, Bangsar Shopping Centre

The Ming Room in Bangsar Shopping Centre is part of Oriental Group of Restaurants. Went there during a CNY lunch with reservation and the place was packed! There were several people sitting outside the grand wooden door restaurant waiting.. The long chopsticks are to “low sang”. While waiting for everyone to arrive, I played with… Continue reading The Ming Room, Bangsar Shopping Centre

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Chef & Brew Valentine’s & CNY lunch

On Valentine’s Day, went to Chef & Brew during lunch time and the cake shop was closed! Empty! Closed down or holiday? So disappointed… Every table comes with a rose. Our table’s rose looked like drying.. must be from last week. Did you know yellow rose means you want to break up or you are… Continue reading Chef & Brew Valentine’s & CNY lunch