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How to blog post in with Instagram pictures

Update: The steps here use Firefox browser. If you are using Chrome, the only difference is for the Featured Image. This is how I add Instagram pics 1 by 1 from my account to post. There maybe better ways, like using Widget or Plugin but I want to be able to choose which Instagram… Continue reading How to blog post in with Instagram pictures

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Lost/Stolen purse in 1Utama (along with other stuffs)

Forgot to take my pink purse (a birthday present from friends) from the Ladies toilet in 2nd floor near MPH & Sushi Zanmai, new wing of One Utama. Came back for the stall immediately when I realized it in front of Zanmai and it was gone. There was a lady inside and when she came… Continue reading Lost/Stolen purse in 1Utama (along with other stuffs)

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TruDTox & Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Tea

Once in a while, I would get sick from food poisoning or maybe from eating too much junk food like biscuits, cakes & McDonald’s. Stress also kicks in especially when I have to eat and work during lunch time, trapped inside the office. Since eating fruits and drinking lots of water help but not fast… Continue reading TruDTox & Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Tea

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Testing fragrance

The other day while shopping, I saw the new fragrance from Estee Lauder at Metrojaya and decided to try it. I had loved Pure White Linen for the fresh smell and the simple blue shell. I uncapped the cover and immediately an Indian lady wearing Metrojaya uniform appeared beside me! She grabbed the bottle from… Continue reading Testing fragrance

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Vote in pencil?

I saw a cartoon on the ink issue for election. When I went for the voting, I saw a pencil tied to the box. What? Pencil? Are we still in primary school or amateur secondary school? We only use pencil when we are children (because we are learning & make lots of mistakes) and when… Continue reading Vote in pencil?

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Money for donation

The best place to ask for donation is to stand outside the bank or ATM. If you are withdrawing or depositing money, you’ll feel terrible because you have easy access to $ for yourself. And the person asking for donation. Usually I just say, “Thanks” if sales people approach me for donation. How do you… Continue reading Money for donation

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Sex pictures in computer

This is not even new – taking pictures while having sex – but the Chinese media is having a field day with Edison Chen sex scandal with several famous celebrities. Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and countless public figures had experienced this before and they didn’t try to commit suicide or quit the entertainment business. But… Continue reading Sex pictures in computer