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Mek, mekkkkkk…

When I browsed through printed Carrefour catalogue that was passed to my home, I fell in love with this sheep. Actually, I fell in love with the sheep but it was in pink. In Dec 2005! It was from Miss T, having fair in Mid Valley. 15″ of soft, pink, round, cute, soooo stroke-able! ♥♥♥… Continue reading Mek, mekkkkkk…

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Barely slept 2hrs, something was shaking my shoulder and back from the back. I was sleeping on my right side. At that time, I didn’t know if I was dreaming or imaging things. I was in a long white robe and holding a sword, fighting evil spirits at the gate from entering a place. The… Continue reading Shaking

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Zodiac signs 35 years ago

Got this forwarded email and check how funny it is: Below are true descriptions of zodiac signs, with traits from a book (what?) written 35 years ago by an astrologist predictions (who?). AQUARIUS – The One that Waits Dominant in relationships. Someone loves them right now. Always Wants the last word. Caring. Smart. Loud. Loyal.… Continue reading Zodiac signs 35 years ago

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Joey Yap – Mian Xiang Discover Face Reading

Mastery Academy – Joey Yap – Mian Xiang Discover Face Reading The book’s paper… wow. Thick and high quality. The faces look Westernized + Easternized. It’s full of ancient Chinese paintings and modern faces. If you know what I mean? None of the faces have dark and tanned skin. Perhaps it’s not racist but it’s… Continue reading Joey Yap – Mian Xiang Discover Face Reading

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Fengshui for the dead (and alive)

Earlier, another aunt had said, “1 of our relatives was having really bad luck in business and then she went to this fengshui master and checked. She was really poor then, she paid RM300 only. The fengshui master checked 3 generations and checked her ancestor’s back in China and said the location of the [not… Continue reading Fengshui for the dead (and alive)

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I’ll consult my tarot cards lah

“So you think properly la, what to do next,” my friend advised me. “Ya.. I’ll consult my tarot cards lah,” I replied her. “Haha, like when I choose car colour by tossing colour papers.” When I got home, I took out my Major Arcana tarot set and began to ask for guidance. For the 3rd… Continue reading I’ll consult my tarot cards lah