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Palm of Fortune/Your palm reading – win iPad2?

Did you notice this advertisement on the right side of your Facebook before?

Palm of fortune 4

Once you click on Your palm reading, you will get a page & a pop up:

Palm of fortune 1 Win iPad 2 contest

Which should alert your brain that this is a scam! Look at the pop-up. Looks fishy!

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Chinese New Year is all about food

Got home and found a box of yellow-gold wrapped rectangle box on the table. From my “cousin” and insurance agent. That’s how insurance agent or salespeople maintain relationship with customers.

A cute, small angpao too!

Huiyo, comes with Quality Seal!

The types of choc

Whoa… mouth watering yes? Those mix white & choc looked delicious.

I opened it.

A lump of sh choc

How would you eat this? Use finger lah!

Then there are the food bought for guests (and ourselves) as well as gifts from others. In the Chinese tradition, it’s politeness to bring a gift when you go to someone’s home. Likewise, when someone gives you a gift, you should reply with another gift to that person. It’s like exchanging gifts.

To those cynical, why waste time, effort & money to exchange gifts? You give me Mandarin Orange, I give you back Mandarin Orange. So? I don’t give you, you don’t need to give me! :p

In the abundance concept, money and things are to be spreaded around & they will come back in other ways.

Chou mai beng (rice cake)
Chou mai beng (rice cake)

Chou kai si beng (mini spring roll)
Chou kai si beng (mini spring roll)

cashew nut
Cashew nuts

Shu fun beng (capioca flour biscuit)
Shu fun beng (capioca flour biscuit)

Pistachio nuts
Pistachio nuts

Mek, mekkkkkk…

When I browsed through printed Carrefour catalogue that was passed to my home, I fell in love with this sheep.

Actually, I fell in love with the sheep but it was in pink. In Dec 2005! It was from Miss T, having fair in Mid Valley. 15″ of soft, pink, round, cute, soooo stroke-able! ♥♥♥ It was also RM99.

Fast forward to Dec 2007.

Carrefour has the same sheep but in beidge. Or a cow. I prefer sheep since I’m born on the year of sheep. Cows? Cows and sheeps do not mix according to Chinese zodiac but who cares?

So I went to Carrefour to find this, along with shampoo and detox tea but couldn’t find this sheep. Unlike the detox tea which I ordered via the Info Counter, I must touch see the sheep first before buying.

At work, I pin this onto my cubicle wall. It’s going to be my abundance wall.
Carrefour 9
BraveSafe asked, “You can’t find this then why paste here?”

“It will find me.”

Then I found it at another Carrefour outlet! :D At lower price too!

RM15.90 only! Yay yay yay!

After I bought this, I went over to Lovely Lace and found the same old sheep – still at RM99. Felt a bit paiseh going in Lovely Lace with a “fake” sheep – I checked it out from different angles and it was the same face and body, albeit at 9″ instead of 15″.

Carrefour 9 Round Sheep (4) Carrefour 9 Round Sheep (3) Carrefour 9 Round Sheep (2)

Not sure about the original but this is lopsided. Quirky.
Feels so goood to brush hands over the “fur”.

Is Lovely Lace and Miss T or Teddy Tales from the same company? They seem to have several same softoys.

Original @ Lovely Lace, Miss T: RM99 (maybe you’ll get 10% discount?)
Ad @ Carrefour: RM24.90
Bought it @ Carrefour: RM15.90

*ecstatic* What a deal!


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