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iPhone – Period (P) Tracker Lite

When my male colleague asked me what app is good to
install, I immediately recommended Period (P) Tracker *thumbs up on
both hands*! LOL Told him can use it for his girlfriend to prevent
pregnancy :p He’s single. Not sure looking for girlfriend or not..
Period Tracker Lite (5) Period Tracker Lite (1) Pretty! Once installed & opened (2nd icon
on 2nd row), tap on Period Day 1 to add your 1st Period Day. If
it’s not your 1st Day, you can change it later or you can go
directly to Calendar at the bottom navigation. There’s also a paid
version (not in this review yet) called Period Tracker Deluxe (may
appear as P Tracker Deluxe). In a play for words, there’s any Penis
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In a relationship

1 of my friends was surprised that she could add herself in Facebook while using her iPhone. Didn’t know if she indeed tried to add herself as friend but it got me thinking that I could add myself in any of the relationship?

I tried, I could search my own name but after clicking my name, I got the message:

You cannot create a relationship with yourself.

Huh. Why not? It seems to me that everyone should start loving themselves 1st. Then other relationships will be so much better because you don’t need other people to love you more than you love yourself. Of course that’s not to say we don’t or can’t have other people love us (or more). It’s just that a lot of us place more emphasis, some compulsory to have relationships, then get married & have children or else, you’ve failed your life & God forbid that!

So. Since I couldn’t add myself and I didn’t want to revenge on anyone (practicing good karma hee), I decided to just change the status to In a relationship without any name. For people who have multiple accounts, they can add their other multiple personalities ;)

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Cheers to friends

You called me to ask how I was doing
I was surprised you called me
after a long time of no contact
but then we are all busy people
you with your own company
fighting, giving silent treatment and making up with your boyfriend
while I was spending more time
with colleagues, working and playing.

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