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iPhone – Period (P) Tracker Lite

When my male colleague asked me what app is good to install, I immediately recommended Period (P) Tracker *thumbs up on both hands*! LOL Told him can use it for his girlfriend to prevent pregnancy :p He’s single. Not sure looking for girlfriend or not.. Pretty! Once installed & opened (2nd icon on 2nd row),… Continue reading iPhone – Period (P) Tracker Lite

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Hair dye

A week after Hair rebonding (2009), I went back there at 11.45am to get hair dye under 1st trial price heheh and the dye process started immediately. No washing hair before that. I hoped the sweat from early morning wouldn’t mix with the dye and go into my brain and cause toxic haha. Lucky for me,… Continue reading Hair dye

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Bangkok trip I – browsing

Nat msg: We overnite @ my bf, then we go to Chai, to airport. I didn’t want to overnite at any other place than my own bed and pillow – didn’t have enough sleep for whole week already though I had been determined to zzz as much as possible on the week before I travel… Continue reading Bangkok trip I – browsing

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Hair rebonding (2009)

After about 1 month of Hair treatment @ Mofa Beauty Salon, I decided to go for rebonding – the last I did Hair rebonding was 3 years ago. Thought of rebonding in Bangkok (heard it’s cheaper there) but then I wouldn’t have a few hours just to sit! Again on a weekend morning, I called Mofa to… Continue reading Hair rebonding (2009)

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Hair treatment @ Mofa Beauty Salon

Had been wanting to go for either hair treatment or rebonding. Since I had permed my hair almost middle of last year, I felt it was too “sayang” to waste the perm – hair just reached the wavy stage, which was what I wanted in the 1st place, not some tight hair monster. Mofa Beauty… Continue reading Hair treatment @ Mofa Beauty Salon

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7 random facts about myself

Tagged from Shirley’s Photo Journal 1. I am still wearing braces on my lower set of teeth. 2. I can bend my thumbs backwards 45°. 3. I believe in reincarnation. 4. I have dreams of otherworlds. 5. I wish there would truely be peace and love on Earth. 6. I regret that I eat animals… Continue reading 7 random facts about myself

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TruDTox & Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Tea

Once in a while, I would get sick from food poisoning or maybe from eating too much junk food like biscuits, cakes & McDonald’s. Stress also kicks in especially when I have to eat and work during lunch time, trapped inside the office. Since eating fruits and drinking lots of water help but not fast… Continue reading TruDTox & Kinohimitsu J’pan D’tox Tea