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Kampar-Ipoh Sep 2016 Day 2

Went to Ipoh on 2nd day (last day) in the morning. Goal was to eat delicious Ipoh food, walk along the street art and buy snack home. We sat outside at the backlane. It was hot and humid but we adjusted the tables ourselves and stayed shaded. Curry mi fun and keow teow that tastes… Continue reading Kampar-Ipoh Sep 2016 Day 2

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Kampar-Ipoh Sep 2016 Day 1

This was from end of last year when I went to Kampar-Ipoh for a friend’s wedding as bridesmaid with friends/colleagues from more than 10 years ago. Stayed at Sakura Homestay Kampar – you can find it in Facebook, service is good, price affordable and the place is clean. Sunrise: Slept at 4am. Woke up at… Continue reading Kampar-Ipoh Sep 2016 Day 1

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Lumut-Ipoh trip Feb 2017 Day 3

Last day in Swiss-Garden. It rained early morning and there was no morning sun visible. Itinerary: Breakfast: bread & yogurt take-away from yesterday night. Hangout at beach. Check-out was jiffy. Lunch: Capri Italian Restaurant, Lumut & drive by jetty to see the seaside. Go home via B42 Jalan Raja Musa, reached evening. No parking here… Continue reading Lumut-Ipoh trip Feb 2017 Day 3

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Lumut-Ipoh trip Feb 2017 Day 2

Itinerary: Stop by roadside from Swiss-Garden to Lumut (make sure the’s no car behind!) Brunch-Lunch: Burps & Giggles Walk around Kong Heng Square Market & Concubine Lane Massage: Imperial Reflexology Dinner: Super Red Mini Steamboat Along the road to the resort / exit, there is a parking space for ppl to view "The View". This… Continue reading Lumut-Ipoh trip Feb 2017 Day 2

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Lumut-Ipoh trip Feb 2017 Day 1

Recently went to Swiss-Garden Beach Resort, Damai Laut and Ipoh with my friend-colleague and ex-colleague on a girls trip. The last time I had been to Damai Laut was probably 10yrs+ ago. We would depart from KL to up north. Earlier there was suggestion to go to Ipoh first, then to Lumut because someone thought… Continue reading Lumut-Ipoh trip Feb 2017 Day 1

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Ip Man (2008) review

The other day at lunch, my colleagues and I were sitting at the pantry. The Star was open on the table and we were suddenly discussing about the current movies in cinemas like Bolt and The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) One of the Malay engineers asked, “I.P. (Internet Protocol) Man?” I work at… Continue reading Ip Man (2008) review

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Raya Holidays @ Cameron Highlands 8

The next morning, we had to wake up at 7am as Jim’s order the night before. Everyone woke up and prepared to go out for breakfast – Golden wanted to eat at the Lodge or something but the earliest couple to go to bed was the last to wake up! In fact, Jim came out… Continue reading Raya Holidays @ Cameron Highlands 8